Inspirational 66 - Summer camp on life-skills for young minds

QL Team

QL Team

Announcing Exclusive Summer Workshop on Life-skills

Inspirational 66

(From July 10th – Sept 1st)

We are excited to bring to you this summer a unique Summer workshop – Inspirational 66, focusing on life-skills for your child.

Inspirational 66 is a fun-filled, creative, a happy way program for your child to see approach life in a positive, perspective way.

This workshop is designed to cover 5 prime skills of your child to

develop self

build confidence

improve communication  skills

explore creative  skills

fine tune goal-setting & problem-solving skills

Inspirational 66 best suits all age group of children from 5 & above, developed to make child experience all walks of life in a joyful ambience.

We offer Weekly & Full Packages priced per week, making it flexible to avail as per your vacation plans.


We are heading on to Week 3... visit our facebook page - inspirational66 for further details


Call now TCA qatar - 66523871 / 44373259

                Nirmala Guru - 50437458