Third Entrepreneurship in Economic Development Forum



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Entrepreneurship in Economic Development Forum will be an effective and first of its kind platform in the region for defining the issues, assessing the prevailing entrepreneurial culture in Qatar and the wider Gulf.

The Forum's third edition will take place on the 7th and 8th of March 2016 at the Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel in Qatar.

The forum will be discussing the importance of fostering and promoting entrepreneurship.

The forum will be proposing a specific plan of action to make Qatar University, as well as other Gulf universities and educational institutions incubators of young entrepreneurs of the future.

The universities will devise and implement degree programs that aim at developing the right skills in the arts of business, decision making and risk management.

The following topics are expected to be discussed in the Forum:

- Government Intervention with SME's and Entrepreneurs
- Realizing Potential – Developing the Traits of a Good Entrepreneur
- Entrepreneurship Within and Through Education: Educating the New Generation of Entrepreneurs (How can education channel students into Entrepreneurial path)
- Financing Entrepreneurs & Entrepreneurial Ventures Institutional Financing, Angel Investors, Crowd - funding, and other sources
- Obtaining Funds for Your Venture - Options, Conditions and Requirements'; 'Brand identity and the means of social communication: Traditional VS Conventional methods
- Effective Methods of Using Social Media to Ensure the Success of Entrepreneurial Ventures. (Social Media)
- Building an Effective Entrepreneurship Ecosystem - Do we have what it takes?



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