ThoughtFire - Igniting Thinking 101 Workshop

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ThoughtFire is a US based Global Company Specializing in Innovation & Applied Creativity.

Thoughtfire's Ignited Thinking Certifications are recognized for Continuing Education Units at many world-class U.S. based academic institutions and accredited with the American Project Management Society (APMS) and the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET).

What to expect at the workshop

  • Application of the Ignited ThinkingTM Methodology
  • Deeper understanding of the problem solving styles
  • Thorough understanding of translating fuzzy situations into defined problems, generating ideas and evaluating for implementation

Who Should Attend

a) Managers and leaders seeking new, creative methods for innovation and creative problem solving

b) High Potential employees aspiring to be change agents or to step into departmental or functional leadership roles

c) Employees representing a function or department that is interested to foster an engaging, creative environment

Benefits of Attending

  • Understand the nature of problems and using a process to creatively deal with them for positive change
  • Work with others in harmony to discover important opportunities for improvement in both products and procedures
  • Learn simple methodology for creating and implementing practical new ideas
  • Build skills to proactively seek out problems and opportunities and implement creative solutions on the job

Duration: TWO DAYS - No Prerequisite

Between ten (10) and eleven (11) Hours of cumulative training and applied session time (completed in two days with breaks and Lunch each day)

Course Overview

Ignited Thinking™ 101 is both a mind awakening experience as well as a skills development workshop.

Individual and group innovation skills and terminology are experienced at a concrete, person-to-person, table-top level.

Individuals learn how to work in teams in a more inclusive, faster and innovative way.

In a learning-by-doing mode, each individual creates a unique solution to a real work problem before leaving. 

Ignited Thinking™ 101 includes both an orientation on the Ignited

Thinking™ methodology and an application session that rallies the group of attendees into an expert coach facilitated session where the Simplex® process, the tools and skills of the Ignited Thinking™ methodology are put into practice.

Ignited Thinking™ 101 empowers each trainee to realize the creative potential that exists within and how to best leverage the understanding of his/her own creativity style (Thoughtfire’s patented Creative Problem Solving Profile®).

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