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Cellini Signature

  • Cellini Signature
  • Cellini Signature


Created in 1999 by Mr. Ghazi Al Mannai, Cellini is the market leader for luxury clothing and accessories in Qatar. From the start, Mr Ghazi’s mission was to modernise the design of traditional thobes and create a shopping experience that was comfortable, enjoyable and memorable.


The Quality & uniqueness of its products, mostly handpicked and made in Italy is a result of unmatched expertise and craftsmanship.

Cellini Signature is a celebration of old school hand crafting and quality, rarity, fabrics and leathers.

It is a small step closer to preserve the endangered art of handcrafting which used to be passed on from generation to generation and today it is so fragile and endangered in a world where everything is “instant gratification”.



  • Superior Quality Sandals and Shoes
  • Genuine American Alligator skin from Mississippi
  • The very best Nubuck lining for Superior comfort and fit
  • The best stability and durability in our engineered heels
  • Our Shoes & Sandals made from the very finest material using craft techniques in the workshops of Italy.
  • 100% Italian hand stitched