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BMI Fitness Qatar is a new gym with top of the line equipment and facilities, that will add a new meaning to the healthy lifestyle. 

Complete Healthcare Facilities that includes “Al Emadi Physiotherapy Center” “BMI Fitness Center” and “Regime Nutrition Center”

We have a long history of excellence and success in supporting the private healthcare sector in Qatar and the opening of this center comes as an additional milestone in our journey towards improving the health and wellbeing of our patients.

We are proud of the opening of this complete healthcare facility that in addition to the physiotherapy center it has top of the line gym and fitness center “BMI Fitness” that became in short period of time among the best modern top of the line fitness centers in Doha, and Regime nutrition center that follows the latest techniques in creating meal plans and monitors the members through our licensed highly experienced nutritionists to ensure the members get the best results and reach their goals in having a healthy lifestyle.

In addition we have certified personal trainers at BMI fitness & experienced licensed Nutritionist at the Regime Nutrition center to support our on-going efforts to promote a holistic approach towards healthy lifestyle.

Special Coach is always by your side to guide you to the right ways to exercise and to ensure the best results and in fast time . Make sure you exercise the right position to get the best results and avoid injuries. 

For more information and registration please call 50978888 or visit our  Facebook page.