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First Fit Training is specializing in providing multi sport fitness classes & training for adults and children to help them develop necessary skills to succeed in any given sport. all our coaches are Internationally Certified with high experience.

First Fit Training provides multi sport classes including martial arts classes, yoga, in home personal training, Kickboxing for Children,  Kickboxing for Adults, Karate Classes & Group Children Tennis Classes

Starting at age 4 to adult amateur players all the way to high performance tournament players, our diverse system works for all types of players regardless of age, level, fitness condition or tennis experience. We focus on high performance tennis training to improve player’s technical skills & fitness while having a fun time on the court to deliver memorable experience. Variety of different strategic training methods is implemented to help our clients in every step of their tennis growth.

Our Location :

  • QIPCO Compound
  • Beverly Hills Garden 1 & 6
  • The Pearl
  • West Bay Lagoon
  • Beverly Hills Al Rayyan


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