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  • PHES Health Club


We are a group of teenagers from Park House English School who are committed to the promotion of healthy living amongst our community. The current lack of knowledge on this topic amidst teenagers, prompted us to take part in the Healthy Living Through Sports competition organized by EdVenture Partners and The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC). This competition takes place at a national level, with the sole purpose of raising awareness of a healthy lifestyle. This is done by targeting schools and tasking them to interlink these awareness events with the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

Our objectives are to reach out to individuals within the ages of 13-19 to educate them on the how to live a healthy life and the importance of this and to raise awareness of the current health situation in Qatar, its causes and how they can be prevented. We aim to accomplish this by formulating discussion on all our social media platforms to ensure that our target audience is actively engaging in the promotion and implementation of a healthy lifestyle.