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We at Hermas Group are keen on selecting the highest quality of food products from across the globe to our customers. Our quest for finding the most delicious and unique products motivates us travel to all continents of the world to taste the best of what nature has to offer. Guaranteeing to our customers the best quality is our philosophy. We understand the importance of knowing that each country is famous for cultivating and producing specific products, and it is our utmost pleasure to deliver to our customers their food products needs whenever needed and wherever needed.


Does Freshly Roasted Coffee Really Matters

Yes it really does!! Perhaps the biggest single factor in good coffee is freshness. During the roasting process, delicate aromatic compounds like fruity, floral, spice and earthy notes are created that gives coffee a distinct flavor. Our coffee will leave you with an unforgettable coffee experience.

Our Roaster and Style of Roasting

Our style of roasting aims at bringing out the full flavor profile of a bean and not to change it, so as to produce clean and consistent coffee of superior quality.

Where we get our Coffee from

We source our 100% wet processed Arabica Coffee from Mt. Elgon, Uganda; directly from farmers group. Mt. Elgon is the seventeenth highest mountain in the continent of Africa and one of the ideal and best spots for Arabica Coffee in the whole world.

Africano Coffee Beans are characterized by their incredible flavor due to the meticulous process of processing, roasting, and grade roasting phases the handpicked beans. We roast our coffee slowly and carefully using exclusive varying temperature/airflow process. We inspect it at all stages for color, defects and quality. Great coffee beans have specific characteristics that we look for and must have in order for the batch to continue on.

Medium Roast

With a green label on our package, this roast has a rich taste and light at acidity levels and features the most delicious dark chocolate flavor.

Medium Dark Roast

Our Medium dark roast with an orange label on the package has a richer, darker color with some oil beginning to surface of the beans. It has a heavy body in comparison with medium roast. Our Medium Dark Roast brims with freshness even prior to use. Perfect for coffee plungers, this tasty coffee boasts medium high level of acidity with a slight bitter sweet after taste. This roast is the preference of the majority of our customers.

Dark Roast

Our dark roasted coffee with a red label package is dark brown in color or sometimes almost black. This has a shiny oil on the surface, which is usually evident in the cup when the dark roast coffee is brewed.


The product availability markets details.
The freshly roasted coffee is available at these locations in Qatar:
  • 1) Spinneys Medina Centrale
  • The Pearl, Medina Centrale, Doha
  • 2) Spinneys The Pearl
  • The Pearl, Porto Arabia Parcel 8, Doha.
  • 3) Spinneys The Mall
  • The Mall, D Ring Rd., Najma Rbt, Doha
  • 4) Frij Al Nasr
  • Al Nasr Street
  • 5) Airport Road Branch
  • Al Matar St, Doha, Qatar
  • 6) Rayyan Road Branch
  • 93 Al Mirqab Al Jadeed St, Doha 5483, Qatar