SHOPPING - Food & Grocery in DOHA




We’re a family run business. Our dream team is headed up by our father and mother, along with us brothers and we have always had a passion for food and the joy food creates for people. No matter your background, your ethnicity, your age or your gender – food brings people together. This is what inspired our initial concept of The Hub.

Our family has been in Qatar since the 1950’s, we’ve also lived in the U.S. for over 10 years and we have been involved in all stages of food, from agriculture, to global importing and exporting to tasting some of the most incredible cafes and restaurants from around the world. So starting a grocery store here in Qatar made complete sense.


You’ll notice the difference as soon you arrive. The music is inspired by our love of electro and house, the natural architecture and colours were designed by us, the staff are friendly and welcoming like our mother and father, and the food is the only way we eat it - fresh and delicious.

Our philosophy of creating incredible experiences for the people of Qatar through quality products, a welcoming space and tasty innovations is an ever-evolving vision that we continue to grow.

Located in Porto Arabia - The Pearl, The Hub is a warm and friendly food store managed by food enthusiasts from different cultures and backgrounds who believe in one thing, reconnecting family and friends with exceptional food. A specialty Convenience Store, a Juice and Salad Bar, and a Cafe all in-one, focused on giving our customers what they want - remarkable products that bring joy to their tastebuds.

Open daily from 06AM
until 12 Midnight