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Sidra Stores - Woqod

  • Sidra Stores - Woqod
  • Sidra Stores - Woqod


Sidra has been a brand name from a sound background of Qatar Fuel- WOQOD a company created through Emiri decree.

Sidra has all the product lines to cater to the needs of the consumers which includes refreshments, snacks, biscuits, water, confectioneries, magazine, newspaper, toiletries - deodorants, various accessories, gifts, personal grooming, sunglasses and floral supplies. 

In Sidra stores we maintain the highest standard of hygiene & hospitality. Moreover, Sidra is most preferred both by Qataris & expatriates.

WOQOD started Sidra Convenience store in the Year 2006.

Current Network Profile -31 Sidra Branded Stores with WOQOD Fuel Station

3 Sidra Standalone Convenience Stores on Successful Business Model

New Strategy -Developed Partnerships with Branded Coffee, Bakery and Ice Cream.


    Features of Sidra:
  • Open 24 hours
  • Offers goods and services
  • Fresh Bakery and Coffee
  • Laundry and  Mail Services
  • Food and Non Food Merchandise 
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • One Stop Shop for your Daily Needs
  • One price policy in all our stores.              
  • Products & Services Offered:


  • Food Service  

•      Beverages   (Hot and Cold)

•      Fast-food  ( Sandwiches, Rice Meals)

•      Bread and Bakery Products
  • Food

•      Food Grocery

•      Beverages

•      Cookies, Snack and Confectionery

•      Frozen Foods

  • Non-Food

•      Non Food Grocery

•      General Merchandise

•      Health & Beauty

•      News And Magazines

  • Communication

•      Telephone Cards

•      Postal Services

•      Entertainment (CD'S+DVD'S) Services

  • Other Services   

•      Laundry

•      Flower


We make sure that Sidra products are 100% safe and of good quality.


For our Products… We will

  •   Strictly Observe Expiration Dates
  •   Ensure Good Manufacturing standards through factory  visits
  •   Monitor Nutritional Values and keep it safe from any harmful  ingredients
  •   Observe FIRST IN FIRST OUT  method
  •   Implement good product handling and procedure
  •   Maintain minimum inventory to keep the products freshness

    Product Placement

  • Store Lay-out complementing each categories
  • Grouped by Product Categories
  • Emphasize on fast selling and new items
  • Enhance visibility of products on promotions
  • Mass Display
  • Value or Sale  Corner

   Sidra Promotions: 

  • Value Added Promotions
  • Price Discounts
  • Cross Category promotions
  • Big Corporate Promotions
  • Bundling Promotions
  • Combo Meals


WOQOD is planning to have Sidra express at various locations in Qatar. It would be one stop convenient store catering to the requirements on Freshness with Bakery, Branded Coffee, Fruit, Salads, Branded Ice Cream, and Fresh Juices. The bakery offers you a choice of freshly made Sandwiches, Arabian Desserts and pastries.