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How to register for the COVID-19 vaccine in Qatar

By Qatar Living • 2 days 9 hours ago.

Here are the steps one can follow to register for the free COVID-19 vaccination in Qatar.



By Samsky2017 • 2 days 22 hours ago.

Please help me...who knows the working number of CID DEPORTATION??please I need to call someome


Change Kuwait license to qatar license

By BASIM ALI • 3 days 22 hours ago.

Hi does anyone know if Kuwait driving license can be changed to Qatar licence and if so can you let me know the procedur


The Future of Money: Will Digital Currencies Replace Cash?

By goodlittleboy • 5 days 12 hours ago.

We live in the times where a growing number of people are adapting to the shifts in modern finance caused by the advance


De Ionised water

By Rajan37 • 5 days 14 hours ago.

Hi Friends,Any body know where we can get de ionized water or de mineralized  in Qatar ?(Note: i am not looking for

1 comments goodlittleboy • 5 days 10 hours ago.


By • 5 days 15 hours ago.

My application for the sponsor change was earlier approved by the Ministry of labor and now cancelled without stating an

1 comments abstruse • 5 days 14 hours ago.


By er.abbdulsalam • 6 days 21 hours ago.

Greeting!! I am a resident of Qatar.


Delievery in Hamad for visit Visa

By ESHA V • 1 week 5 days ago.

HiI want to know as this is my second pregnancy and planning to deliever in Hamad hospital.

1 comments khalid896 • 1 week 2 days ago.

Advice and help

By romon1900 • 1 week 5 days ago.

Any one can suggest me a good  Immigration Consultancy Services centre in doha? Plz.Thanks,,,,   

3 comments marton116 • 1 week 4 days ago.

Car resale

By KHZEEMA HUSSAIN • 2 weeks 20 hours ago.

As salaam everyoneKindly let me know whether the cars ownership can be transferred if qatar ID is expiredShukran


Hyphen missing in my surname

By Shocks • 2 weeks 1 day ago.

My surname on my work visa was run together. It is a compound name (with a hyphen).

3 comments goodlittleboy • 2 weeks 20 hours ago.

Tiffin service

By Vfer • 2 weeks 2 days ago.

Hi,I am looking for a healthy tiffin service in doha. Any suggestions?

2 comments Molten Metal • 1 week 4 days ago.

Education help for kids

By Raffi Ahmed • 2 weeks 2 days ago.

Dear Friends,Really I’m going through a hard time in this pandemic period.


Car repair

By umme fatam • 2 weeks 3 days ago.

Any descent and genuine place in doha to repair average saloon cars  (v4 engine) or vood mechanic?

4 comments Molten Metal • 2 weeks 2 days ago.

Looking for a Sharing people in Quarantine

By rathish_erd • 2 weeks 6 days ago.

HiMy Friend is looking for peoples who is returing to Qatar in end of may for sharing Quaraintine in hotel..

4 comments Molten Metal • 2 weeks 5 days ago.

Cleaning service request

By Ma. • 3 weeks 4 hours ago.

Hello all,Anyone can help with a cleaning company that works to a late hour (after 6 pm).Most of them work early and min

2 comments Smitha smith • 2 weeks 6 days ago.

Self development and networking

By firoz2first • 3 weeks 8 hours ago.

Hie everyone, I am an engineer with about 9 years of experience, and want to explore by attending lecture related to sel

1 comments Molten Metal • 2 weeks 5 days ago.

Looking for a sandboard

By asmbadr • 3 weeks 15 hours ago.

Hianyone selling or know where to get a sandboard from?thx

1 comments Molten Metal • 2 weeks 5 days ago.

Bronze Grave Marker

By • 3 weeks 18 hours ago.

Hello, Does anyone knows where I can get a bronze grave marker like this here in Qatar? Thanks


Bank Loan

By PianoViolinTeacher • 3 weeks 1 day ago.

Hello Guys,Since my employer isn't listed in a bank I discovered I can't take any car loan, personal loan and to take cr

2 comments goodlittleboy • 3 weeks 1 day ago.


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