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By skonluhan • 1 hour 47 min ago.

where i can buy a lunch bag for adult ?


Family Canada Visit Visa filling up application

By sfaqeel • 7 hours 41 min ago.

Hi I am planning to visit my brothers in Canada with my family.


Toyota aftersale "bad" service -

By jabal kabir • 9 hours 34 min ago.

I just took my Fj  to Toyota service center for regular 25000Km service, i was surprised to receive a call for the

9 comments ani_chy • 8 hours 24 min ago.

NOC for car loan from DOHA BANK

By TMSHEIK • 17 hours 2 min ago.

HiHow many days will it take to get NOC for Car Loan from Doha Bank?My mobile 6689 6379



By Sonu chandi • 18 hours 50 min ago.

I'm New in Qatar.Corona extra beer available in Qatar.which place can i buy beer.Tell me.

1 comments nijel2007 • 5 hours 12 min ago.

where to repair exercise bike

By haider114 • 21 hours 3 min ago.

hi everyoneneed urgent advise from where to repair exercise bike tension belt in reasonable price.  



By skonluhan • 1 day 1 hour ago.

hi anyone now a good pub that beer is cheap there, less than 45qar ?



By skonluhan • 1 day 1 hour ago.

Hi im new here in doha i would like to know where i can find korean or japanese store? thank you :)

4 comments SOHAIB KAMRAN • 1 day 1 hour ago.


By Black House • 1 day 1 hour ago.

If any have any issue, confusion or problem on WPS please contact QPAY authorise partner.

1 comments josiah2000 • 1 day 54 min ago.

Sending New/Used Car back to USA

By Webby • 1 day 7 hours ago.

Hi,I am currently looking into buying a new car in Qatar but was focussed solely on models that are also available in th


2 months salary delayed what should i do?

By jeprokzki • 1 day 22 hours ago.

I need your help mga kabayan ilang beses ko na kinocontact ung boss ko pero ni isang sagot wala.

1 comments acchabaccha • 1 day 21 hours ago.

Is there any taxes or fees to pay in Qatar when purchasing a PHONE or any electronic device from Ebay or Amazon ??

By SAymen • 2 days 18 min ago.

Is there any taxes or fees to pay in Qatar when purchasing a PHONE or any electronic device from Ebay or Amazon ??Apprec


Need Personal Loan

By senthulife • 3 days 9 min ago.

 Hi,I'm looking for a bank where can I get a personal loan and my salary transfer. My salary 3500 Qar.


Require tiffin service - Home made food

By ayaan13 • 3 days 11 hours ago.

Hi there,Do any one know abt good tiffin service delivery lunch /dinner , in and around mansoura/najma (Indian


I have a question

By abdikiya • 3 days 19 hours ago.

I want to know how to check who is my sponsor  pls any one can help me. thank you so much.


Food Court in Street

By Towhidur Rahaman • 4 days 4 hours ago.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah,How are you all?Dear All, Recently I saw some food court in some area of Qatar (Muaither,

2 comments acchabaccha • 4 days 4 hours ago.

Housemaid visa cancellation

By anu020607 • 4 days 18 hours ago.

Dearplease advise the procedure for cancelling house maid visa.Visa is expiring by next month 10/07/2018.

2 comments anishthomasbond • 3 days 23 hours ago.

Family Visit Visa through Paper or Metrash2?

By suprabha.seshadri • 5 days 2 hours ago.

Hello All, I would like to know whether MOI still accepts paper based application (that is going directly and applying f


PPL Private Pilot License Qatar

By Matteoc28 • 5 days 2 hours ago.

Hi everyone,Does anybody have information about getting a PPL license here in Qatar? Prices? Thanks a lot


Visa sponsership change

By anishthomasbond • 5 days 6 hours ago.

Hi,I am working in Qatar last 9 years now my wife get good job.So I want to change my visa to under her sponsership for

3 comments acchabaccha • 5 days 6 hours ago.


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