10 ways to personalize your rental apartment on a budget

10 ways to personalize your rental apartment on a budget

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By QL Classifieds

Qatar Living has a few suggestions to reimagine your space and easily find everything you need in our Items & Services section.

1 Add a coat of paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint could really change how your home feels. Even if you choose to just paint it white, you could choose a different hue of white. Apply samples on the wall to see which one makes you feel the best. If you’re going for a colored or statement wall, there are more options than you can count. Speak to your landlord or real estate agency to confirm they are okay with it and then hire a painter to transform that wall or walls. A litre of paint (which is enough for a small wall) costs approximately QR25 and paint shops can customize or create the color that you have in mind for you. 

Painting a wall

2 Change the lighting fixtures

There are so many fun and creative things you can do with your lights, whether they’re in the living, dining or bedroom. You could get a chandelier if you want to go for a sophisticated ambience in your space – buy a used chandelier if you don’t want to splurge on a brand-new piece. Pendant bulbs work wonderfully, don’t cost much and are very easy to install. Another great way to light up your space without spending too much is getting LED strip lights – these fit just about anywhere. Fairy lights can soften up space and barely cost anything. You could plug them in or just purchase battery-operated ones to switch on and off whenever you please. Adding soft light either via ceiling fixtures or floor and table lamps is ideal if you want to create a subtle setting.

Light Strips

3 Add accent pieces

To personalize your space, you’ll need at least one piece that pops out and grabs attention, while also blending in with the rest of your place. It could be a large statue, a piece of furniture or anything else that stands out. Floating shelves make for a great idea to add life to your walls without changing much. A carpenter can easily install it for you and you could either place your favorite books and frames or just some remarkable plants. 

Floating Shelves

4 Throw in some color

If you’ve got a monochrome living room or a plain bedroom, throw in some color and bring it to life. There are plenty of ways to do this that won’t cost a lot. You could add a vibrant painting on the wall or just a few brightly colored cushions on the couch. Rugs are always a nice addition – they soften the space and bring in a cozy feel. You can find a rug that works well with your existing furnishings but still adds some life to your space. 

Accent Pillows on a couch

5 Decorate with meaningful items

This is one of the best ways to add personality to your home. You don’t necessarily have to purchase items but use things that you already have that mean something to you. It could be a decorative item from your travels, an item that’s been passed on from earlier generations or a family heirloom, a book that you love or a music record that you listened to growing up – it could be absolutely anything. Find a creative way to either frame it, hang it up or just place it somewhere noticeable. There’s nothing better than a story that tells itself every time you enter your home. 

Travel Corner

6 Artwork always works

Contrary to popular opinions, having brilliant pieces of art at home doesn’t have to be an expensive affair and you can find plenty of options on Qatar Living. Make sure to also check what’s available in the moving sale section. Alternatively, get creative and make something yourself if you’ve got the time. Decoupage is an easy and fun way to add some art to your home and there are plenty of art supplies stores in Qatar where you can stock up with everything you need.

/Woman decorating wall with painting

7 Consider statement furniture

One vibrant sofa placed in the living room or just a colorful chair that’s been restored is just some of the ways to personalize. You can add a piece of statement furniture anywhere in your house, even in the hallway. Add a bookcase in your bedroom or have one dining seat that’s different from the rest. A large decorative mirror works too. Don’t be afraid to be quirky – it’s your space after all, and whatever makes you feel good, is just what you need.

Accent couch

8 Create a cozy corner

After a long day of work, or just when you need an escape even if you’ve been home all along, it’s nice to have a small area in your home that is restful and feels different from all the other spaces. You don’t need much to do this – find a lone window or any corner in your home that inspires you,  add a comfortable piece of furniture like an armchair with a cushion, a recliner or even a bean bag and have a small stool or coffee table beside it. A footrest or an ottoman with storage is an excellent addition, and to make it plush and cozy, place a sheepskin rug too. A floor lamp or a few candles can really switch it up and voila, you have your little hideout. 

Bean Bag in cozy corner

9 Add plants

There are so many reasons to have plants in your home. Not only do they give you something to do and take care of, but they also bring life, color and texture to the room. In fact, some varieties of plants are even known to purify the air. You could buy large floor plants that do well indoors, or smaller pots that you can place anywhere around the space, even in bathrooms. 

Interior Plants on shelves

10 Switching out stuff

Just because it is a rental, it does not mean you can’t make small changes and switch out things you don’t like. Speaking to your landlord in advance is recommended. You could switch out doorknobs, handles or drawer pulls. You could even switch out the curtains for blinds. There are plenty of companies that sell and install blinds and choosing the right color could really elevate your space.


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