9 things to consider before moving into a new home in Qatar

9 things to consider before moving into a new home in Qatar

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While moving to a new apartment or villa in Qatar can be exciting, it does come with a few responsibilities that cannot be shirked. There are plenty of great neighborhoods in Qatar and once you’ve singled out on your next home to rent, you’ll need to keep some things in mind.

Whether you choose to move into a furnished space or an unfurnished one that you can throw some of your personality into, you’ll have a list of things to consider. There are no hard and fast rules on how to move or a defined way of doing it, but there are always a few things that could make your moving experience smooth and successful.

Qatar Living outlines a few essential tips and tricks for you to make your next move a breeze and to ensure your new home is not just in perfect condition but is also a comforting, cozy space where you’re going to spend a good number of days in Doha.

1. Find a moving company

If you’ve got a lot of furniture, household and decorative items or just things that need to be lifted and shifted or dismantled and reassembled, the easiest and quickest way to get all of that done is by hiring a moving company. There are plenty of packers and movers in Qatar and once you compare prices, you can find the one that’s best for you. Each company has a different mechanism for charging, and some charge either by the size of the room, the number of items or the number of areas in the house. Some companies do charge higher prices, but you could also check if they provide additional services such as carpentry and so on.  Some furniture in your house might need experts to dismantle and reassemble, so getting a company that does it all and does a good job will ensure your items are in the best condition with no damages from the moving and shifting process. 

A good tip is to label your boxes so that you’ll know exactly what goes where and you can have the moving company unpack those boxes in those specific areas to save time and efforts and minimize clean up too. Ask around and speak to friends and colleagues to get recommendations and learn about their experiences. Qatar Living has plenty of good moving companies and choosing one will definitely ensure that your shifting experience is smooth and seamless

Moving company handling boxes

2. Pest control

It’s no secret – if you’ve been living in Qatar for a while, you’ll know to expect a pest or two every now and then. Some of the pests such as cockroaches thrive in the summer heat making it nearly impossible to avoid them completely. However, regular cleaning and pest control services can solve that problem or at least minimize it. Before you sign your rental agreement, check for signs of infestation. Look for tracks, eggs or any lingering odor, aside from actually sighting one. In any case, doing pest control before moving is still a great idea, infestation or not. 

Getting a pest control company is required before moving in, to allow a few days for the odor and chemicals to go away as the pesticides used can be harmful to humans. Doing it before you move in will save the steps of covering all your items and unwrapping everything again. Make sure all areas are sprayed (there are different types of pest control though), especially sinks and drains, and don’t leave out the corners of the house. If you’re living in a villa, it needs to be done outside the villa too.  There are plenty of good pest control companies in Qatar charging as low as QR300 for a full service. 

Pest control in apartment

3. Deep cleaning

The landlord or the real estate agency should do a thorough deep cleaning before you move in. A deep cleaning entails reaching the deepest and innermost areas of your home that could be filled with dirt and grime that you had no idea about. Regular cleaning may not cover areas like under your washing machine, inside your cabinets or behind your kitchen appliances. It’s not completely essential on a regular basis, but a deep cleaning is always advisable at least every alternate month. Qatar Living lists a plethora of cleaning services companies that provide both regular cleaning which is quick and can be done on a daily basis and deep cleaning services for all budgets

Cleaner preparing for deep cleaning in an apartment

4. Electricity and water 

If you’re moving to a new house, you’ll need to transfer the electricity and water connection under your name. While this is not a complicated process, it still needs to be done. Check with your landlord if they can get it done for you, but if not, it’s pretty straightforward. If it’s a new apartment, you’ll need to start the process from scratch by submitting a few documents to Kahramaa and getting signed up

5. Check the plumbing

Before moving into your new home, you can hire a plumber to do a few essential plumbing checks. He could check for rusted fixtures or mold (which is indicative of a possible leak in the plumbing), both of which could be harmful to you. The plumber can also check for any leaks or blocks so that you don’t have to deal with problems once you’ve moved in. Check that the water heaters are in good condition and see if you’re happy with the water pressure from the taps and shower. Doing this before you move in is essential because if anything needs to be fixed or replaced, you can have the landlord or real estate agent take care of it. Alternatively, you could browse through plenty of listings and find a plumber that can sort you out quickly on Qatar Living.

Plumber checking the drainage

6. Installing curtain rods or blinds

While in a fully furnished apartment the curtains compliment the ambience, in a semi-furnished or unfurnished flat, you’ll have to create your own cosy space by installing blinds. There’s a host of curtains styles you can choose from depending on the desired outcome, and there’s no one more suited to advise you on what to go with other than an expert, so make sure you consult one early on after you’ve taken the key to your new home. Pick blinds that are either slightly lighter or darker than your walls, for better aesthetics. Depending on where the blinds are, you could choose basic vinyl mini blinds for areas that you want the light to pass through, or light-blocking blinds for rooms where you need more privacy and want blackout options during the day. 

If you choose to go for a more cost-effective option, check the advertisements on Qatar Living to find curtains you will love at a fraction of the cost. To install them, have the property maintenance team help you, as they will need to fix the rods into the walls.

Drilling holes in a window to install blinds

7. Getting furniture and electronics

Qatar Living is the best resource to find amazing buys and bargain deals on some incredible and high-quality furniture and electronics. In Qatar, you’ll always find some great stuff for sale online, and whether you’re looking for something in particular or are just open to browsing through potential items that could be placed in your home, you’ll get it at a price that suits your budget. 

Buying used furniture or electronics is a great way to save some cash and it’s easy to resell if you ever need to, without losing too much money on depreciation and wear-and-tear. If you click on Items & Services on Qatar Living, you’ll find plenty of options such as accessories, furniture, mobiles and other electronics. You could even use the search option to find exactly what you’re looking for. The listing will usually have a few pictures and a number to contact in case you want to see, test or buy it. If you’re buying furniture such as sofas, mattresses or carpets, make sure you get them cleaned before bringing them into your home. There are plenty of cleaning services that cater specifically to furniture. 

Decorated Bedroom

8. Get spare keys made

As soon as your landlord hands the keys over, make sure you head over to the nearest key-maker and make a bunch of spare keys. You can find plenty of key-makers in Doha in areas like Bin Mahmoud and Najma. You’ll need to show a Qatar ID to get keys made. In Qatar, not all landlords or agents keep spare keys, hence it’s advisable to check first in case you wish to hand a key over for safety.

Spare keys on a counter

9. Painting 

In Qatar, some real estate agencies/landlords paint the walls before a new tenant moves in. So it’s worth checking with your agent if they breathe life into your new home with a fresh coat of paint. If you’re looking to add an accent wall, or just personalize your space with your favorite color, there are plenty of painters in Qatar who can do the job for you. They can either get the color you want, or you could visit a paint store such as Jotun or Hempel yourself, and you can pick one from hundreds of swatches. A liter of paint costs as low as QR20 (depending on the color) and depending on the size of your wall, you would need a liter or two for each wall. Most paint stores even customize colors and create whatever you have in mind. Just make sure you’ve obtained permission from your rental agency or landlord before you draw up that mood-board.  

Painting a wall

If your apartment is unfurnished, check our guide on how to furnish an unfurnished apartment.

To make your apartment fully represent you, check out our tips on how to personalize your rental apartment on a budget.


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