Lost Money in Gulf Gate Tourism Scam

By rayyannew

Dear friends,

My friend lost his hard earned money to Gulf Gate Tourism last year. When he went to book a tour,they closed the office and ran away. Numbers were not reachable too. He is been looking for a way to recover money.

I am writing this because the victims should get money back, no one else should fall for the scam and scammers should be punished according to qatars law.

Their scheme was,

1. Collect name and number infront of renowned supermarkets/malls(He gave the details in centerpoint, Barwa)

2. They will call you and says, you won a free Holiday voucher with lulu voucher and kitchen utensils.

3. They will demand you to come with family so that they can convience you easily.

4. There will be muliple people sitting in same room where loud music is played. We wont be able to hears what others are talking.

5. They have staffs to engage kids and they offer Tea, Coffee and Milk. 

6. They will ask you questions like credit card limit, how much you spend on a holiday to assess how much you can spent.

7. They will ask you about dream destinations and they say they will 5 star hotel, resourt, tour gate, discouted tickets and free breakfast.

8. Then they will say we get gold voucher and shopping voucher and starts conviencing your wife. 

9. They use manipulative words and they particulary ignores red flags in the contract.

10. Finally you will choose a plan and pay for it, One guy announces it and they claps.If you choose EMI that is another scam. It will never converted as EMI.

11. Then comes the contract. As per the contract its non refundable and it is its your own decision and you read and understood the contact completely.


I heard they are still active with other names. The package was 16500, 26500 and 36500 if I remeber correctly. Their contract is full of red flags like non-refundable, subject to availbality, annual usage limit, waiting period etc. And they give excuses whenever we try to take a package. 

Please let me know if anyone got their money back. If you have any contact info about the company it is really helpful. Any help is appreciated.

I am living in Qatar for last 10 years. I personally know many victims. If we can file a compalint together I am okay with it.

Any help is appreciated.

Please report the issue in Consumer Complaints and QFC Regulatory Authority so that we can bring the attention of the officials.

By Najam9692• 25 Sep 2023 21:27

Crystal sand tourism is still scamming people. They have done fraud with me pl letus know the proper procedure to launch a complaint. Group of liers headed by Mr Kabeer, Rahul, Hassan , cheragh they do fraud and then donot give money back so pl anyone having issues do let me know . how to resolve this

By Saranya_arun• 10 Sep 2023 16:54


Same is happening to us with Crystal sands & Tourism now. we have paid full hard earned amount.

Now, they are least bothered to reply to our queries or attend our calls. There was no reply and calls for our repeated queries so we visited to their office. We were treated very badly by making us to go to 1st & 4th floor. The concerned officials are not meeting us & we are returned back by telling get appointments and come. When we put a mail for appointments & no reply from them.

Many false promise were given like they will provide banana island, complimentary gold voucher or air ticket voucher for worth QR.3000.

I request like us, anyone don’t fall into this prey kindly check and get the reviews only then it is worth to pay. For us now more than money our mental strength & peace has gone by the way they respond.

By rayyannew• 4 Sep 2023 11:01

They are currenly active in the name "Crystal Sands tourism"(Address: Office number 110 & 406, Bin Dirham Plaza, Above lulu express, B ring road, Doha, Qatar). They also have a website: https://crystalsandstourism.com/

Previusly they were active in the name "Regency Travel and Tours", "Marhaba Tourism WLL", "Acon Travels WLL", "Gulf Gate Tourism WLL".

By goodlittleboy• 29 Aug 2023 17:45

This scam has been going on for several years now. Some years back several people had brought this up at Qatar Living. Gulf Gate Tourism closed down their business when things started getting a bit hot, reopening under a different name when things cooled down a bit. I believe they have been operating under different names ever since. It is important this company gets closed down by the authorities and the crooks operating this scam be punished and then kicked out of Qatar.

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