Abaya shops in Doha

By 3456

I want to purchase a Abaya. I checked many shops but it is very costly. Around 1000/- to 1500/-. But i dont want to spend that much.

Please suggest any shops there i can buy cheap Abaya. Please post the details and cost of Abaya.


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By deedee• 9 years 3 weeks ago.
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I only paid 100qr for one that I bought in souq Waqif.

By omar1• 9 years 3 weeks ago.
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the cheapest place to buy a abaya is in souq wagaf

By Aisha• 9 years 3 weeks ago.
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Souq Al.Deera is right next to souq Aljaber.. You'll love love love their Abayas.. they're cheap and they get them made for you in no time.. I just got 4 Abays last week.

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By Amoud• 9 years 3 weeks ago.
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Souq Faleh is the abaya souq. It is on the same road as Souq Jaber, it is closer to the western union. There are about 100 shops in there or more, and you can get readymade or pick a design and they will sticth it for you. You can get a modest abaya for around QR 150 and a more elaborate stich for around 300-400. Abayas in this souq can go for thousands but it depends on how elaborate you want it. Bargain the price, be relentless, if you dont suceed in one shop go to the next.


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By 3456• 9 years 3 weeks ago.

Thankyou for your information.

By consciouseffort• 9 years 3 weeks ago.
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Go to Souq Jaber & Souq Asiri, they have many shops inside who sell & stitch too at the same time. One best thing you can do is get a lace from Rawnaq near Souq Jaber then go to souq Asiri (if possible check for Al Safar Tailoring upstairs). Take a design & that lace with you, select from one of the cloth materials they have & it wont cost u more than 300


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