Best Bank in Al Khor

By paysheet

I opened my bank account with QNB City Center when I first arrived here. Big mistake not only are the queues horrendous, getting to it terrible but I have found customer service very poor. Basically they've messed me about alot and caused me much inconvenience with no apology. I also found the Al Khor branch unhelpful when I tried to get them to help me with my problem.

From researching on this site opinion varies widely on whom to Bank with, so I'm none the wiser. So I would appreciate help from anyone on who to bank with/avoid in Al Khor.

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By Sunshine5580• 9 years 4 months ago.

the Commercial Bank in Al khor is very good. My friend works there and is a gem. Just go and ask for Akbar.

By injinuity• 9 years 4 months ago.

Commercialbank branch in alkhor mate.. how could you miss it.. thank god for their parking, i would bank with them just for that facility ;-) .. overall great service, and value for money, I am loyal customer and have no qualms in recommending them to you.



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