Choosing An International School

By CArken

I work in the airline industry and am considering applying for a role in Qatar (specifically with Qatar Airways). Before I do so, I wanted to better understand Qatar's education system. I have a 14 year old son and a 8 year old daughter, and want to consider them first before addressing other areas.

Would someone be able to outline the 3-5 best international school options, detailing the pros/cons of each one? 

I'm also keen to understand approximate fee levels for each of these options.

If I do end up going with Qatar Airways, I noticed they have their own school (Oryx International School) - how does this compare to the 3-5 options above?

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By hereandthere• 2 months 2 weeks ago.

CArken did you make the move? We are also wanting to know what people think of Orxy School! We have two girls age 8 and 11.

By Molten Metal• 9 months 6 days ago.
Molten Metal

Oryx will be best option for you, be loyal to your sponsor, that's the basic quality our sponsor might be looking for in us. You will have least worries if you follow it. I agree with Iswa also.

By iswariya• 9 months 6 days ago.

u can see list of schools in doha in specific website they have fees details u can compare and c transportation which s near to your home which school s best many international schools are here so no worries u can choose Dec they l start admission

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