Company cheated for my salary, please help

By syedaleemuddin


Can anybody help me, 

There is a one fraud company in Al Muntaza Trading Center named H&Z TRADING CONTRACTING & SERVICES in 4th floor.

Owner of company farhan (fraud/cheater) hire me by giving long promises. He don't allow me to make contract, I work with 8months, now he suddenly terminated me and he is not paying my 2& half months salary (i.e., 18500/-). 

I have gone for complain in labour court & Human Rights office, they are saying that if no contract, you will not get your salary,

I gone to police station also, they are even not helping me.

Please someone help me , how can I get my salarys from this fraud company and cheater farhan.

H&Z company belongs to father Zafer and son Farhan, both are cheater.

I don't want to fight or beat him in his office.


By acchabaccha• 6 days 21 hours ago.

jaago: Criminals have no "amicable" way. They know they will be cheating in advance and their system is designed to be a winner always. It is also flaws in the law system that allows such crooks to play their games. Just take my case. When I took the cheating company to the Labour Court, I had stated in my complaint that the company did not give me a Contract. Rather than take the company to task, penalize it or place the Admin. Director in jail, the Labour Office people were telling me that my case does not stand as there is no Contract present. It sent a signal to me that possibly the Labour Office people have some form an understanding with such companies. I lost my money, and the Admin. Director Amjath who is the biggest crook in the world, laughed on my face.

By jaago• 1 week 1 day ago.

Indeed a very bad experience, but without a valid contract i suppose the law wont be able to help. Try speaking to them in a amicable way, and settle for a lumpsum amount, which they may agree to pay. Atleast, you get something rather than nothing....

By acchabaccha• 1 week 1 day ago.

Just forget your money. They deliberately did not give you a contract simply because they wanted to cheat you out of your money. Don't resort to using your fist on them. You will be only hurting yourself more.

Yours is not the only case of this nature. I have faced two such situations in Doha. The first one was with Bin Thani Electro Mechanical Contracting and Trading Company (BEMCCO). The best crook in the world one Amjath is their Admin. Director. He doesn't issue Contracts. They never gave me one. At the end, I lost my money. I did go to the Labour Court but my case fell through due to the absence of a Contract.

But the interesting case is of the second company. This is Jascon Engineering. Their General Manager Zahid Iqbal Khan is a "very religious" man. He has a mosque inside his office and he keeps a watch on Muslims who don't pray. If he finds one, he sends his people to find out why that person was not praying. But at the end of the day, when it comes to paying money to his staff, all the rules of religion and religious teachings get thrown out the window. I lost QR 8000 at this company. I approached his father Mohammad Khan for help. He turned out to be a bigger crook! That is why with income from all such acts of cheating people out of their money, he manages to have and maintain three wives in Doha!

I am sure there are many other companies in Qatar playing such games. But then, Qatar is a country where one cannot use his fist or pipes or chains on the heads of such criminals. In my country, these things do not happen, as such criminals are fully aware that sooner or later they will find their heads cracked open or their nose bleeding or their lips split into two should they do such things. In reality, in Qatar these criminal are in one way protected by the flaws in the law. So they live happily, laughing right on the faces of their victims and taunting them just to add red hot chilies to their wounds.

Amjath taunted me when I lost my case at the Labour Court.

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