couples who live in qatar

By shygirl

is it really nesessary for couples to be married legally if they opt to live in qatar?

By sasamysa• 12 years 3 months ago.

مستعدون للتوصيل من والى اى مكان فى الدوحة بالمشوار او بالساعة باسعار مغرية وخدمة توصيل من والى المطار عقود شهرية صباحى ومسائى باسعار مغرية جدا الاتصال على رقم 5057809-- 7564194 تامر

By mahbhest• 12 years 4 months ago.

Hisaribotes, were you able to sponsor your child here? I also is planning to bring my son here but still confused if it will be fine. I am married but I just want to bring my son here. I s it possible, anybody knows about the new Law here?

By saribotes• 12 years 11 months ago.

Hi thanks, could you please find out from them what they did to get visas for their kids. I even spoke to the embassy and that is the story they all tell.. no partner - no children.. Tx again

By Squarepeg• 12 years 11 months ago.

As Loki says, your main problem is that you won't get a residence permit unless you're married. What's your problem with getting married? Are you rebelling against marriage just for the heck of it? You don't need the big romantic expensive wedding and you don't need to involve religion, you just need a visit to the registrar. You don't even need to tell your family if you don't want to. Marriage is a legal process which protects the parties involved, women and children in particular. What position would you and your children be in if your husband died suddenly or if he dumped you? Never mind morals and religion, any woman who gives up her career and has children without the protection of marriage is taking a foolish risk.

By astigD90• 12 years 11 months ago.

it's really really unfair.... why the Phils it's not included in the country list.... well... i believed that descrimination still living on...

By Squarepeg• 12 years 11 months ago.

I think you've been misinformed. I know single mothers who have their children with them.

By saribotes• 12 years 12 months ago.

O boy, that's not an option....

By Thejam• 12 years 12 months ago.

sabirotes yes there is

get married

By mjamille28• 12 years 12 months ago.

he can't sponsor you here unless you're married as far as i know.. you cant even check in a hotel here as a couple if you're not married.. choice is still yours..

By saribotes• 12 years 12 months ago.

Hi all,

I am suppose to start work in Qatar in 2 months time, but just received the worst news of my life. I was told this morning that, as a single mother, I am not allowed to bring my child into the country for more than 2 months at a time, and - my employers, according to law, are not allowed to sponsor my child as well.

I need to know if this is true and if it is - is there a way around this??


By shygirl• 16 years 4 months ago.

thanks you everyone for answering my all helped me a lot.i really appreciate it.:-)

By VW• 16 years 4 months ago.

Do a civil ceremony, take copies of the marriage certificates, get them translated to arabic and certified, annul the marriage, submit the certificate to Qatar and never show them the annulment ;oP

Or, if you've been living together for 10 years with kids, what's the big deal with 'legalizing' it? You don't need to spend $20,000 on a wedding, just a couple hundred for the paperwork.

By getinandstayin• 16 years 4 months ago.

Shygirl, it depends on your nationality. If your not one of the 33 nationalities given a tourist visa on entry for 2 weeks extendable by a further 2 weeks, then you may not get in at all (i.e USA, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Spain, Monaco, The Vatican, Iceland, Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and South Korea) . The only way you will be allowed to enter is sponsored by someone else. either a company or a close family relative (subject to minimum salary requirements). If you have no close family here and no job offer and are not eligible for a tourist visa then only your husband can sponsor you and your children.

Even if you are offered a job, i dont think its straightforward for a mother to sponsor her children.



By lilipink• 16 years 4 months ago.

i agree with dentist....i never heard of police preforming regular house searchs .lili.

By dentist• 16 years 4 months ago.

Don't worry shygirl,

The police in Qatar is usually busy racing other cars on the road!!!!

NO,I'm just kidding....Qatar is a very safe environment to live in and everyone is expected to abide by the law (which is not strictly enforced by any means).

The only way you can get into trouble here is by someone reporting you and your boyfriends personally to the authorities, and even then the only thing they will do is to give you a deadline to leave the country...still no jail or don't worry.

But, my advice to you, just do whatever you think is RIGHT, don't do anything against the law even if it will not hurt, still it's always better to be safe than sorry.

"Live respectfully...respect one will ever be able to hurt you" rule of thumb

By dweller• 16 years 4 months ago.

I have never heard of house to house checks but it only needs someone who you upset to report you to the authorities and they will be checking up!

It has happened on one occasion to my knowledge and the female partner left Qatar.

By butterfly• 16 years 4 months ago.

Agreed, getting married before coming to Qatar will save you a lot of problems.

I have had to show my marriage documents few times.

By Helloqatar• 16 years 4 months ago.

If you are going to live in Qatar, together, married is the only way to go. I haven't seen any house to house checks but getting into the country as a couple requires marriage. If you come in separate, then you would be two single people, but if you come in with your sponsor, then you have to be married.

Maybe Qatar will not be a good choice.

Don't get married for the heck of it, get married for the kids.

By Loki• 16 years 4 months ago.

shygirl - I think the actual issue - rather than 'can two unmarried people share a house together' - is, how will you get a visa to remain in Qatar?

If you were to find a job before you arrive, and therefore have an employer to sponsor you, then you are legitimately able to enter and live in Qatar (who your choice of "sharemate" is, is another matter).

If you are thinking to enter Qatar and live with your partner but not work - or to then try and find work - then you will have to leave the country every 3-4 weeks in order to renew your tourist visa, which is the only option for someone without a work permit/work visa (assuming that someone is also unable to produce a marriage licence and thereby be sponsored by their partner).

Unmarried couples living together is technically illegal, but I am sure it happens.

Living in the country without a valid visa - well that is a lot more problematic, I would imagine.

By shygirl• 16 years 4 months ago.

me and my husband has been living in 10 years now. we have 2 kids. and we dont want to get married just for the heck of it.

my concern is,he will be going in qatar in 1 month.and maybe, i can follow. is it true that authories always perform house to house check and demands some documents to see if the couple are married or not?

By dweller• 16 years 4 months ago.


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