Driving license renewal ( Expired).

By shafee ahmed

Hello friends,

I have a qatar driving license which has expired in 2016 sept, now I am back in Doha, so can I renew that driving license with new RP ?? Please help me in this regard.

thank you

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By acchabaccha• 4 months 4 days ago.

In order to renew your Qatari driving license, you must have a valid Qatar ID. If your Qatar ID is valid, I guess you can renew your license.

By Gwin• 4 months 4 days ago.

Dear Colleagues please help

I see replies for expired licenses above. But I am now in Oman, my Qatari license expired in 2017 May while I was in Thailand. Can I travel to Qatar and renew? Is this possible? Trying to avoid the long expensive route of going through classes here in Oman

By acchabaccha• 4 months 4 days ago.

I don't think you will be asked to enroll and take a driving test again. Your license should be renewed on payment of the required fee and without much of a hassle.

By Angelo• 4 months 4 days ago.

The driving licence has the same number as the QID or RP.

Best people would be traffic dept. At the most, they may ask you to enrol and take a test

By acchabaccha• 4 months 4 days ago.

I guess you can. Just go over to any Traffic Police department, and they will guide you.

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