Family Visit Visa application from Outside Qatar via Metrash 2

By mohamedwahidlk

Hi, has anyone tried for family visit visa application (wife) through metrash while sponsor him self outside the country for vacation.
I mean, I am going my counry next month to drop my wife since her family visit visa expire next month 10th, But I am keen to know I can apply her a new family visit visa through metrash when I am outside qatar, if so I can bring her back again together..

Please share if anyone has tried

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By pioneerpec• 1 week 2 days ago.

One thing you can do is....

Since both of you are going Airport ...

Reach Airport 4 hours prior to departure time...

Checkin your luggage and get boarding pass...

Let wife go to Immigration counter and you wait outside until she clear immigration...

Onec this has been done and she is out from immigration...check moi website to see if the visa status is showing..this visa is not valid for entry...

Immediately you apply and after that you can exit...

To maximise the time you wish to take for applying on metrash 2...please make sure you are registered to egate.. and it would take just 2 minutes to exit egate and join your wife at the boarding gate

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