A handy guide to furnishing an unfurnished apartment

A handy guide to furnishing an unfurnished apartment

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If you’re looking to rent a new apartment or villa or move into a different area in the city, you’ll have to make an important decision – choosing between a furnished and an unfurnished or semi-furnished apartment. While a fully furnished apartment offers plenty of benefits, an unfurnished apartment has an appeal of its own. Not only do you get to personalize your space just the way you want to, but also you can save on rent. If you’re worried about the costs of buying furniture and electronics, we’ve got a simple solution – buy used items. You’ll find plenty of incredible goods that are in mint condition in all price ranges, ideal for whatever your budget may be. The great thing about purchasing second-hand furniture is that you can own something that’s almost brand-new for a fraction of the original price. Qatar Living Classifieds has thousands of products listed for sale and browsing through them is an excellent way to kickstart the moving process.

So if you’ve finally made the choice to opt for an unfurnished apartment, we’ll guide you through it all. Qatar Living has scanned the virtual space and created this handy guide to buying second-hand items. There are plenty of great decorating tips and ideas for your next home. You’ll find everything you need to know and buy, right here.

Living room

The living room is the very first space you see when you enter your home. It can have a significant impact on your day-to-day life whether it’s a place of rest and relaxation or recreation and entertainment. There are plenty of ways to enhance your living room but a few essentials should not be skipped.

Find a spot, preferably against a wall, to install your TV. It can either be wall-mounted, perched atop a TV table or within a showcase that can be the focal point of your living room. If your entertainment center is in the living room, you’ll want to consider purchasing a soundbar or speaker system to go along with the TV, for a better experience. 

In other areas, you’d need a coffee table or teapoy, a nice sofa set, and a few side tables if required. Spruce up your couch or sofa set with some throws and cushions. You’ll find plenty of decorative items and books to go on your showcase or coffee table on Qatar Living. Place a rug for nicer vibes and don’t forget to get some plants to liven up the space.

You can get custom-made furniture and storage space, floating shelves and even a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

Decorated Living Room - Qatar Living

Dining room

A dining room is more than just a dining table. There’s a lot you can do to make this area of the house special. Whether you use it just to have meals with the family or a quick breakfast before you run out to work, there are a few must-haves.

Aside from a dining table with chairs, you’ll need some additional storage space for your dining items and anything else that needs to be tucked away. Invest in a sideboard, a console or a buffet. This piece of furniture could also be used to beautify the space. You could add plants, flowers or just a tray with beautiful candles. Use the wall touching it to add some artwork or even a nice large mirror.

You could go to the next level of personalization and have a chandelier or any other type of dining light right above your table. A rug below will make the setting cozy.

If you have extra space, consider creating a small coffee or tea bar. You could add a coffee machine or grinder, a stand to hold your cups, and your favorite teas. A kettle would be handy too. Put a plant and a small piece of art to complete the space.

Decorated Dining Room - Qatar Living


The kitchen probably requires more things than every other room in the house. From little gadgets to large appliances and furniture, there’s quite a bit you’ll need to consider and get.

In Qatar, even in an unfurnished apartment, you’ll still get some basic storage in the kitchen, especially in and around the sink. But if not, you can always consider installing your own sink with a storage cabinet below it. To get overhead storage, you can hire a carpenter who can measure out the space and fix cabinets that are perfect for you.

Some of the essential kitchen appliances you’ll want to get include a fridge, microwave, blender or food processor, cooking range or tabletop stove, oven (you could look for a microwave with a built-in convection oven) and dishwasher.

If you have a larger space, you could consider installing a kitchen island or a small dining table. If you have a small kitchen, there are plenty of space-saving hacks you could put into effect. Use wall storage like racks and pegs to hang cooking tools. Create multipurpose spaces such as drop-down wall-mounted tables or roll out kitchen cabinets. Get additional shelving on the walls if required. 

Decorated Kitchen - Qatar Living


Qatar Living has loads of options from entire bedroom sets to individual pieces of furniture. Pick a queen, king or double bed along with two side tables, primarily, if you’re opting for individual items. Look at a wardrobe that has enough storage for all your belongings. A dressing table with drawers and a mirror is another important addition to the room. For additional storage, you can easily have a single door wardrobe in any corner of the room. 

You could choose between curtain rods and installing blinds. There are plenty of companies that can provide you with a selection of blinds and then install them for you.

If you’re looking at making it a cozy space, to spend a few hours every day besides sleeping, consider having a book corner. If you just want a relaxation spot that doesn’t just feel good but also looks good, pull together a small coffee table or ottoman with storage that you could use to put your feet up, a rug and an armchair. Put a throw or sheepskin on it for extra comfort.

Decorated Bedroom - Qatar Living


The only large appliances you’ll need in the bathroom are washing machines and geysers or water heaters. Unfurnished apartments usually do come with a geyser in the bathroom.

You could get a small storage unit for cleaning supplies. Most of the other items are small and easily available such as shower curtains and hooks, bath mats, toothbrush holders, a plunger and small storage containers for hand towels and tissues. 

If you want to enhance this space, there are plenty of small touches that will create a better ambience. Look for lighting fixtures that can create warm or soft light. A few candles will not only make it feel fresh but will also make it cozy. 

Install a temporary vanity that won’t necessarily cost too much, if you’re on a budget. You can get peel and stick vinyl on it or even on the storage area. A great way to improve up the look and feel of your bathroom is by adding a few plants. And if it still feels lackluster, don’t shy away from a nice, fresh coat of paint. It could change the atmosphere of the space. Ditch the traditional bath mat and find a vibrant rug to make things lively. 

Decorated bathroom - Qatar Living


A balcony is a great way to bring a little bit of the outdoors, indoors. It can be a small hideout or a cozy space to escape into with a good book. You can entertain friends or just dine out and stare into the horizon if you have a good view. And if you’re the kind who puts emphasis on having a great balcony, you’ll need a few items to cozy up the space and make it your haven. 

Start with the flooring. You can choose to keep it as is, but if you want to add a more lusher feel, or just make it sophisticated, you’d do good with installing some artificial grass to really make it feel like you’re sitting out in a garden, or get some parquet or vinyl floors, panels or decking installed. Alternatively, throw in a few outdoor rugs.

The seating plays an important part in how your balcony looks and makes you feel. Pick a nice outdoor furniture set that’s not too bulky, especially if you don’t have a large balcony, or opt for floor cushions that would work great with the rugs. You could even hire a carpenter and get a custom built-in piece created for you – it’s a great space-saving idea and you can produce the exact final look you’re going for.

Adorn your walls with hanging plants or artwork that’s suitable for the outdoors. If you’re going for a lush look, you can have planters against the wall. It’s also a great way to grow your own herbs and vegetables. Add flower plants around the space to make it feel fresh and look beautiful.

Add a table or teapoy to complete the look. It could be big or small, depending on the size of your balcony and the position of the table. A nice plant and a few candles or a small lantern can go on top of it.

And finally, get good lighting. Install fairy lights, LED lighting, string lights or just have small lamps and battery-operated candles around the space.

If you spend a lot of time working from home, you might consider putting a desk and chair for your laptop and computer. You can find an abundance of options on Qatar Living and once you’ve picked a suitable set, make it better with a plant and a corkboard that you can put your calendar and notes on. 

Decorated balcony - Qatar Living


A hallway is a great space to personalize and show off some of your character. You can adorn it with mirrors, paintings or just plenty of frames of pictures or paintings that you love. A gallery wall is a great idea and if you’re looking to spruce things up a little bit, you can even add wallpaper as a backdrop.

You could add a floating shelf that can serve as a picture ledge, or a space to store keys or other things you need just before you step out, or both. Add a plant or two to give it some life. Botanical wall coverings are another great way to decorate your hallway. Get a nice long rug, to make the space feel cozier, and have a floor plant beside it. 

If you intend for the space to be more functional, you can place a shoe rack and a little bench or an armchair beside it. 

Decorated hallway - Qatar Living


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