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By Yusufturkiye

Hi guys;
I live in turkey. I want to work to come to Qatar. is there someone to help me with this?
I'm just too difficult. I'm unemployed and I'm having a bad day. Someone please help me. thanks.

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By Yusufturkiye• 1 week 2 days ago.

thanks friends. I wrote here because I'm in trouble. hoping maybe someone will help. thank you for the answers. I'm having a hard time. Allah does not lose hope. thanks.

My prayers with yours.

By Angelo• 1 week 3 days ago.

I apologize if I ticked anyone off. Please check the Gulf Times Business Section online as I put weight to my comment. - This in no way stops you from coming to Qatar and trying your luck. However, consider your finances or expenses for the period. Sorry, I will not be commenting further.

By acchabaccha• 1 week 3 days ago.

Angelo is right. He has put across to you the ground realities in Qatar. The job situation here is bad. People like you come over on different types of visa, run around and return back frustrated after spending so much. I meet so many of them on the bus. However, I suggest you keep on trying from your own country through various job sites. While the competition is tough, who knows you may win. But to win, you must compete.

By pioneerpec• 1 week 4 days ago.

Angelo is crazy, he is already in a foreign country away from his home, and he is advising nobody come here...(May be Angelo want to secure his job here)...and simply faking empathy...

You just need 1 job, not 1000 it doenot matter if 700 people are looking for jobs..............and it matters only about your salary payment and ....there are many people not getting paid...doesnot matter you...There is no tax now...,

Inshort Angelo is telling you :

Stay at home and Dont walk outside in the roads ...advising you ..what if a cloud fall from the sky .. on you

(Cloud is several tonnes in weight as it hold water)

Dont get advise from narrow minds

By Angelo• 1 week 5 days ago.

Yusuf, i empathise with you.

Better to be in your home country than a foreign place and have a bad day.

Do not think there are many jobs here, check the papers, there are more than 700 people looking for jobs daily via media and a lot more visiting establishments. Also, there are many people not getting paid, even with WPS. or very low salary. And now with Tax, who knows what the future holds. Wish you the best in finding a job.

By pioneerpec• 2 weeks 22 hours ago.

To find a Job in Qatar Visit:




You can search previous history of 1 week, month, years etc to get details of companies in item 1 above.

Remember for Qatar, more priority is given to Experience in same field than your Qualification.

By pioneerpec• 2 weeks 22 hours ago.

Hi Yusuf

You are welcome to Qatar.

You are only unemployed until u find a job...

Until you find a job, your family or friend or relative must support can repay upon getting a job..

There is nothing in this experience a bad day..

We never existed before 100 years nor will exist after 100 years . You will feel life easy if you donot waste time and indulging in luxury. Find happiness in helping the poor and do good to your parents.

Be thankful to God, He gave you free, the air you breathe, the water you drink, fruits and vegetables, most importantly your Life. To God belongs the Heavens and the Earth. Your life is a continuos exam until you meet your Creator . Dont forget you are nearing your grave every second. Pray before you are prayed upon.

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