How to take care of your mental health amid the COVID-19 pandemic

How to take care of your mental health amid the COVID-19 pandemic

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The last few weeks have been difficult, to say the least. None of us could have imagined finding ourselves in a situation where we are suddenly unable to do many of the things part of our routine life.

The closure of schools, malls, cinemas, gyms, salons, and mosques, as well as restrictions on travel, public gatherings, amid others, has been a little too much to take in one after the other.

We get it. We are all in the same boat.

In these unprecedented times, as you are taking measures to protect your physical health, it is highly important to care for your mental health too.

Even if you generally don’t experience any mental health conditions, you might find yourself experiencing anxiety, fear, or stress as news related to the pandemic becomes widespread.

Here are some ways to mentally detach yourself from all the noise around you and unwind:

Exercise or start a new fitness routine

If you’re a regular at the gym, we can understand that the current times might be particularly challenging for you. While being in a gym environment certainly helps keep you motivated, get yourself involved in something entirely new while being home.

There’s a whole range of home workouts you can follow to keep fit.

Studies indicate that increasing your physical activity can be an effective way to boost your mood and enhance your mental wellbeing.

Are you aware that several sports facilities and organizations in Qatar are offering free tutorials online for instance Qatarsportsforall? You can follow their social media pages to know more details.

Hone your culinary skills

Have you noticed the abundance of food photos your friends and family are posting on social media during this “staying at home” period? Well, why not? Cooking has long known to be therapeutic. It helps you keep your mind off other things, and can be a great activity to involve your family members in, particularly kids.

You don’t have to be a professional to start. There are lots of recipes of different cuisines that you can find online to try out. Likewise, you could follow some international culinary experts online to learn some of their pro-cooking tips.

Cooking not only engages your mind but also allows you to be creative and is a means of joy, much needed in present times.

You can experiment to come up with something unique, or try out some of the old family recipes and join the ‘quarantine cooking’ trend.

According to a Psychology Today report, culinary therapy is recommended to treat a variety of mental health conditions and disorders including depression, anxiety, and addiction, among others.

Read to learn

Some of you may not like reading, while some may be avid readers. Depending on your interests, pick something to read that would interest you or enrich your knowledge.

Challenge yourself to learn something new by reading up on it. Maybe you’ve always been interested in home décor but never really found the time to know the right way about it. Look for online resources and start learning!

Then, when you think you’ve gotten a grasp, go ahead and try implementing what you’ve learned.

Among the many benefits of reading (fiction or non-fiction) is how it opens your mind to new ideas, sparks creativity, and allows your mind to take a break from the world around you.

Engage in something creative

Use your time and energy to work on a piece of art. Remember, it does not have to make sense to anyone. Art is a way to express yourself be it through any medium. You can go the traditional way and pick up a piece of paper or get a canvas to draw, color or paint something, or you can use your imagination to come up with something from the different materials found around your house.

If you need inspiration, you will find tonnes of free DIY tutorials online.

This kind of creativity is not only good to divert your mind but also serves as a means of communication. Many of us, maybe introverts, who communicate better through artistic expression. Try it out. Surprise yourself.

You can make this a group activity at home, depending on your preference. Gather your family members; pick a craft or a drawing to replicate and kick-start the fun.

Grow plants

You don’t need a green thumb to grow plants. Distract yourself from the information overload around you, and focus your energy on growing and caring for plants.

Not only is this a great activity to stimulate mental wellness, but also allows you to play your part in protecting the climate.

Did you know keeping an indoor plant can improve air quality? According to scientists, there are several toxins in indoor air, which plants can help remove. Similarly, outdoor plants help in clearing air pollution.

Growing plants can help relieve stress and anxiety, increase attention span, and lift your overall mood.

Professional Help

If you think you need professional help to deal with the stress and anxiety resulting from COVID-19, Qatar recently introduced the mental health helpline staffed by a team of mental health professionals who can help you cope better. 

What are some of the ways you are taking care of your mental health amid the pandemic? Let us know in the comments section below!

Here's everything you need to know about the virus, including ways to protect yourself.


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By Molten Metal• 19 Apr 2020 10:23
Molten Metal

Exactly ........ You will be 3 times better than your 3 colleagues and 3 friends ......... True ........

Sun, 19.04.2020 10.28 hrs

By Daniel Schriefer• 16 Apr 2020 16:35
Daniel Schriefer

According to MM, the best method would be having 300 ml of warm camel milk, 3 dates, and 3 biscuits for 3 days or 3 weeks, or 3 months, depending on how long the situation remains as it is.

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