Interview Qatar Airways

By azzaval

Hello. I have a question regarding the waiting time after a face to face interview in Doha with Qatar Airways ( pricind analyst). Please share your experiences! 1 month have passed and no answer. I am from Germany and they flew me all the way there and no complete silence...?? I tried contacting HR: " no decision have been made"

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By azzaval• 5 years 3 days ago.

Many thanks for your answers! It's just crazy how things are working in QR... Waiting is so hard...especially when you know that many qualified people from all around the world are fighting for one place :( If anyone of you is working for QR, would be nice to share your interview experience :)

By relocated• 5 years 3 days ago.

Dude, since they flew u down, enjoy it. Chill and enjoy Qatar.

By CG28• 5 years 4 days ago.
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If the requirement is immediate (i.e. if someone has already left the position) and they are in critical need, things happen rapidly otherwise it just follows the normal procedures.

If you are selected, be prepared if they tell you that you are expected to join immediately!

By snakyy21• 5 years 4 days ago.

Hi. Get used to it.... they are not efficient so it is going to take forever.

By smoke• 5 years 4 days ago.

These things takes time, you were not the only one they interviewed, if they are still conducting interviews for the same position or many other positions then be prepared to wait another month or so. In any case they will inform you if you are selected or even if you are not selected.

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