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It’s more than one week into the new year, and the hype that surrounded New Year’s celebrations, trips and resolutions has all but died down. But before you let your optimism for 2018 flag, allow yourself to pause, reflect and act on the goals that you have in mind for the next twelve months.


First of all, set clear goals.

Think first of what you would like to ultimately accomplish, whether that means learning Chinese, dropping ten kilos, buying a new car or becoming a chef. Try to make the goal as specific and focused as possible.


Set the intention for a reasonable goal to reach in the next 12 months.

Accept that the aim you have in mind may take at least a year, if not more, and then create a schedule to go about doing so accordingly. That way you won’t feel overwhelmed or discouraged if you aren’t making insane progress at the drop of a hat.


Write down the things you can do to successfully achieve your aims.

People don’t wake up to be pianists overnight. Write down at least five steps that you can take to move towards making your resolution a reality, whether that means slotting in time in your daily schedule, or making a few lifestyle changes. If you want to quit junk food, avoid the chips aisle altogether. Think of particular skills you already have that you can maximise on to achieve your goals.


Even if you have a cheat day, don’t let it turn into a cheat month.

We all have lazy days, and even weeks when we’re too overworked, tired and/or stressed to accomplish much beyond what we absolutely need to. If you do go off track in your plan, don’t give up. Get back on the horse, even if you are behind, because glitches are inevitable.


Do a little every day.

If you can, start and complete your most important task in the morning. It doesn’t have to be a huge one. Instead of running seven kilometers, try for one. If your goal is as simple as having a tidier room, start your day by making the bed. Rome was not built in a day, and even the greatest achievements are built through smaller, daily accomplishments.



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