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Medical Screening & Visa

By MrGreen

Good day everyone.

I am a Design Engineer from Philippines and it is my first time to try my luck on finding a job in Qatar. I am fortunate to find one and as a requirement I have underwent a medical screening here in the Philippines. My concerns as posted below.

1). My blood pressure reads about 140 / 100 and sometimes 140 / 90. Please let me know if this is acceptable for the Qatar government to accept me and issue me a working permit and a visa.

2). My HBSAG screening found out to be reactive and they advise me to take another procedure called Hepa B profile and I’m still waiting for the results. I actually have a worry on this one now cause this might be becomes a reason that Qatar will deny me for the work in Doha.. And, if in case that I get denied, will still be a chance in the future obtaining the visa and other requirements for a work in Qatar again?

3). I understand that upon entry into the Qatar state they will conduct again a medical examination. My concern is – what are the chances that Qatar government deports me back to my home country considering that I already passed the medical examination conducted in the Philippines.

I appreciate any insights about my current situation. Thank you very much.


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By ofw_503• 3 years 8 months ago.

@ MrGreen, were you able to pass the medical screening in Qatar?

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