Need advice on travel ban

By altimaaltima05

Good evening to All

Please can anyone advise me how can i check travel ban before my company apply for exit and once i get exit paper can i travel 

Thx in advance

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By altimaaltima05• 1 year 1 month ago.

Thx to all

By carz• 1 year 1 month ago.

You can even check it in metrash 2

By carz• 1 year 1 month ago.

The best way is to go directly to Hamad international airport and check in immigration office. It is location on the departure floor, behind counter No. 4 or 5.I hope so!

They will directly your ID and tell you at the same. time.

By holybro• 1 year 1 month ago.


the easiest way to know about ur travel ban is by applying for Exit Permit itself. Else you personally can go to any passport office or Capital Police station with you I.D. and tell them that you would like to confirm is the banned removed or not.

If you get Exit permit; it is sure that you don't have any ban under your name.

Hope that helps.

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