Product Original or Fake in Carrefour

By Javed354

Yesterday i wanted to purchase a sony Bluetooth headset at carrefour, but there was same product with two different Prices. One was at its retail price @269Qar and the other is at very low price@149Qar. I asked the staff what is the reason, but they were not able to answer. Therefore i have paused my purchase. Is there any fraud going on ?

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By Javed354• 1 month 2 weeks ago.

Dear Lakshan,

Thank you for your genuine suggestion.

Skullcandy has been always producing products with low quality of the material. You will always get a poor body built any product in the skull. Coming to sound performance, you can get a pretty good sound but only for the limited period due to the week Neodymium driver used by the manufacturer.

Toshiba is known for its computer and Laptops. Apart from these products, Toshiba hasn't achieved any popularity in other fields.

If you are looking for wireless earphones, I would like to suggest Sony's WI-C300 Wireless In-ear Headphones. and if you are looking in wired earphones, my Suggestion is MDR-EX15LP / 15AP In-ear Headphones. These two earpieces do wonders with both built quality and sound at a very reasonable price.

Apart from Sony, you can go to JBL, XIAOMI, Panasonic ErgoFit under 150QAR.

For any suggestion regarding earphones, please feel free to ping me

By Javed354• 1 month 2 weeks ago.

Dear acchabaccha,

Those products were the same model with the same manufacturer and the same brand, for your kind reference SONY WIRELESS WI-C400 at two different pricing @149 and @ 269

I will offer you as much cold banana juice you never imagine of if you have an answer to this

By Lakshan SJ• 2 months 2 days ago.
Lakshan SJ

dont buy bluetooth, its crap. i bought 200qr skull candy headphones , and 100qr toshiba ear phones. skull candy still works but the ear covers have worn out and one side came out. toshiba died. but my sk randomly disconnects from my pc and sometime its impossible to connect it back. and when you increase volume to 96, you will hear a beep beep sound that will slice your ears drums. and battery life is so poor. you have to charge it everyday. when battery is low and u try to squeze the juice, you will hear an annoying digi digi din sound and that is how i damaged my skull candy :/

By acchabaccha• 2 months 3 days ago.

First of all, it is next to impossible for fake items to get sold in Qatar. The authorities are always vigilant and keep an eye on such activities. Second, Carrefour is a r-e-p-u-t-e-d shopping place and surely they would not do something so unethical as to sell fake items or carry out fraudulent activities.

Having said that, there could be several other reasons why the salesman may not have been able to answer your query. Maybe you asked the wrong person and he may not be from that section. You could asked for the supervisor who could have helped answer your query. Secondly, one item item gets manufactured by different companies, have different brand names and carry different price tags. This applies to mobile phones, laptops, cooking oil, cheese, butter, apparel etc. to name a few. I am sure you are aware of this.

Rather than just jump up, draw negative conclusions and then post incorrect views at a website, you should have just sat down and given a cool thought. Try drinking some cold banana juice as it will help you from drawing such illogical conclusions.

Doha is getting a bit hot these day. It appears the heat is having some effect on your thinking power.

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