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10 Best Brain Training Android Apps to Download

By ClintonJMolina112
None of us are the best version of ourselves. We will become even better when we get our brains trained. Take some time to try these brain training apps today.  
Some apps might help to promote mental health based on activities to minimize negative symptoms and improve psychological function, stated Nadine Kaslow, an American psychologist.  
In fact, countless brain-training apps have been released. They claim to improve cognition on minimal daily use. So, are they really effective? New brain teaser apps on the shelf assert to increase I.Q,, enhance 
memory, and more, but how many of these apps really work? 
Most selections in our picks rely on the treatments that have been established, studied, and verified by independent research sources. Let’s see! 
10 Excellent Android Apps for Brain Training  



Being designed to improve memory, skills, speed, attention, and more; Elevate, a beneficial app, provides you a personalized training program.  
With over 35 brain games, you can practice critical cognitive skills, math, comprehension, focus, processing included.  
In addition to that, to personalize the skills you need, Elevate also offers daily workouts. It allows you to track your performance in detailed.  
Based on  researched techniques, experts in education have collaborated and designed Elevate. Therefore, if you train with Elevate regularly (at least, 3 times a week), you will significantly improve your productivity 
and confidence.  
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Using brain puzzles and games can enhance lingual skill, thinking, and memory. Peak, a free workout for the brain, promises to bring an interesting challenge.  
It is experts in a variety of fields (education, neuroscience, and cognitive science) created Peak.  
Peak provides up to 45+ brain games and they are regularly updated. Through the games, you know what your brain excels. You can also access to Peak Advanced Training modules in order to train a specific skill.  
The brain games in Peak is in corporation with the top universities like NYU and Cambridge. Are you ready to solve enjoyable challenges? Yes, you've got maximum 10 minutes to complete a workout.  
Let's take up a brain training routine with Lumosity – a lucid decision.  
Compare to Peak and Elevate, Lumosity is on the enjoyable side that trains your brain in a more releasing mode.  
You will be tested in memory, flexibility, and concentration. Later, you can define your baseline – a training program you will be following.  
Through tracking your score, the AI in the app will give more difficult levels that are correlative to your performance.  
Clockwork Brain Training



Millions of people around the world choose Clockwork Brain Training to practice and improve skills.  
The name says it all. Clockwork Brain Training gives an array of challenging games to test your cognition capacity.  
Aside from the fast-paced and bite-sized puzzles, you will get a guide from a friendly robot, Sprocket.  
Whatever you find in Clockwork Brain for any purpose, it is certain that you will get the ideal results. What are you waiting for? Train your brain right away.  
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Used by thousands of people all over the world, what makes TuSion the most preferred app?  
With the suitable design for different ages, TuSion’s games not only help to train the brain but also obtain in real time TPI from the brain.  
TuSion with combined Neurofeedback of gamification will provide your brain the best fitness workouts. 
Just needing to spend 10 to 15 minutes to start with TuSion, you will be likely to improve your concentration, reduce stress, and increase the ability to recognize.  
Fit Brains Trainer 
The education experts, game developers, and neuroscientists have released Fit Brains Trainer to test your cognitive functions – concentration, language, thinking speed, memory, visual-spatial, and problem-solving.  
Similar to Lumosity, you can play Fit Brains Trainer on your desktop. If there are 35 games in the app version, the desktop application can contain up to 60.  
A feature makes Fit Brains Trainer more prominent than the previous apps – EQ section.  
It helps to measure your emotional intelligence in 4 areas: social skills, self-control, self-awareness, and social awareness. This will bring a comprehensive view over your brain.  
To completely focus on emotional intelligence, a large number of people prioritize to choose Happify.  
Simply, Happify helps build a positive perception on life while building high emotional intelligence for you.  
You can comfortably access to the set tracks to deal with specific objectives, anxiety or tension for example.  
Besides, there are the activities and extra guides for the meditation.  
After all, training emotional intelligence is as necessary as training ordinary intelligence.  
Positive Activity Jackpot 
Originally, Positive Activity Jackpot released serves veterans who returned from combat. They have a high risk of anxious disorder.  
Through Android phones’ GPS, it searches for nearby activities and then shifts to someone. The purpose is to cope with depression.  
If you feel difficult to decide to do anything and need the lever, let Jackpot help you.  
Based on a behavioral therapy form, it will schedule and encourage the enjoyable activities to change moods and vanquish the depressed thoughts.  
Mensa Brain Training



This is the oldest high IQ society. As time grows, Mensa finally has a brain training app.  
Once you step into Mensa’s world, you will be experiencing a series of amazing games created by Mensa experts.  
In particular, there are 5 disciplines: reasoning, memory, perception, concentration, and agility.  
With each of discipline, you will get an individual Mensa Brain Index and global percentile every time you play.  
Brilliance in simplicity describes this appl.  
Yellow provides countless puzzles. You need to make the whole screen yellow to solve these puzzles.  
There will be no guide. You must rely on your wisdom to solve problems, by dragging shapes, erase a number, pulling levers, pushing buttons, and others.  
If you fail in the first attempt, you might get two hints in each level. Pay attention! 
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