QNB vs Doha Bank for new current bank account

By deepindian

I wish to transer my salary transfer account from HSBC and considering QNB or Doha Bank.

Would appreciate any valuable advice that will help me decide the same, particularly their internet banking and online remittance to India.

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By Molten Metal• 5 months 1 week ago.
Molten Metal

Go for the top one, go for the QNB, Excellent service !

By rajeev86_p• 5 months 1 week ago.

i am not sure about QNB. But doha bank internet bank is like too lengthy. too many security questions and stuff. And Doha bank charges Qar 10 per transfer to another bank in qatar.

By acchabaccha• 5 months 1 week ago.

Why don't you such take out time, walk down to any of their branches and talk to their customer service people. You can then decide for yourself which bank you wish to select rather than seek advice from others.

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