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Qtel self service machine

By abdul aziz abdu...

sir, iam a regular customer of Safari Mall at Abu hamour
there i feel shortage of a Qtel self service machine,IF
Qtel could provide at least one machine over tere, that
will be convenint for customers like me.

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By OfficialQtelQatar• 5 years 6 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

Hello! Thanks for your suggestion. We've installed a Qtel Self Service Machine (SSM) in the mall at the entrance and it's been operational for a month. Thanks for choosing Qtel and hope you enjoy using our services :)

By shafy88• 5 years 8 months ago.

Send a suggestion to Qtel in direct!

By anonymous• 5 years 8 months ago.

Is this page linked direct to

By spiker_06• 5 years 8 months ago.

It's better to post on their Facebook page.cheers

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