Qtel SHAHRY broadband dongle.

yasir arafat
By yasir arafat

I have recent received a Q-TEL Shahry Card from my company.
Its a dongle named Q-Tel E1820 HSPA+ USB Slider. My problem is the speed of connection. It says its broadband but i never get speed more than 40 or 30 kpbs. Even to open a mail site it take minutes..Yahoo msgr has to signed in several times just to log in.. Its always showing network problem.. I am tired of this thing.. If someone has any suggestion about any settings for this then pls reply...
pls dont tell me to change my network option as i have already tired several times with changing from GSM to GSM preferred and from WCDMA to WCDMA preffered.. I have even called Q-Tel 3 to 4 times but my problem is not yet solved..
Really feels like throwing this piece of S***....

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By shukooor• 7 years 5 months ago.

dear .. Since this march i used this usb 3g device. But it was not that much slow as you said, was just ok . But right now i dont know much about its sped as i am here in india on vocation. Hence my opinion is may be its due to network signal strength as its having a normal sim card inside the device to connect to server .

Tty to connect to net from any other location from ur laptop where you think signal quality is good.

By anonymous• 7 years 5 months ago.

Did you honestly expect anthing else than garbage from qtel?

By Friendd88• 7 years 5 months ago.

call them specify ur location and ask them to regester complaint for u and follow up in facebook qtel page ur case will be soon resolved...i have tired it....my broadband shahry is not working cool

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