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By goldwings727

My landlord just advised me that he is increasing my rent from the start of November , which is against the Law for my non furnished house .
I told him that I will not pay more , and now he is refusing to give me a new contract and he will not take the rent money either .
I decided to stay firm , however , I need advice on how and where to go from here , while following the path of legality .
Thank you all for your inputs .

Goldwings727 .

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By Vallejo• 9 years 6 months ago.

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GOD BLESS Willie & bless ZAMBIA

By hotandsticky• 9 years 6 months ago.
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First you ask your landlord in his face if he thinks he is above the law in Qatar. Keep asking him the same question. Then you tell him if he doesnt like the law to not bother you, but go see Sh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani at the Emiri Diwan. Give him the address if he doesnt know where it is . Do not give one inch to these unscrupulous jerks who think the law does not apply to them. You go pay at the rental dispute court at Muntazah Park next to Muntazah signal. They will accept your rent there and you have to do nothing else. Let your landlord run around and waste his time from there. He will have to register the contract at 1% of the rental rate before they even look at it. He will love that.

By torc• 9 years 6 months ago.

You can issue the rental cheques via the court without a contract. I suggest you go down to the rental dept of the municipality with your contract and any other documents you have (did he notify you of the increase in writing?)

Legally, he can't kick you out of your home without a court order provided you have paid your rental fees within the same becoming due.

Take all docs and explain your situation to the above noted department. They should contact your landlord advising the landlord to renew the lease as per the current tenancy law in force. An increase in rent may not even be an option to him. (Depends on when you signed the original lease) there is a cap on increases until 2010 for leases signed after a certain year and date.

The above department may instruct you to issue the rental cheques to the court.

You need to take some action to hold yourself in the "right" so to speak.

By qatarisun• 9 years 6 months ago.
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ha.. just make sure he is not going to ask you to vacant the place due to "reconstruction and renovation"

good luck!


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By smartbuddy• 9 years 6 months ago.
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if he is increasing above 10% of the current rent then u can approach the police and pay rent through court as said by Amoud.

By Amoud• 9 years 6 months ago.
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You can report him to the police, and if he is breaking the law and will not accept your rent money you can pay it through the court.

"Diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice doggie' until you can find a rock - Will Rogers"

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