Ten tips to keep in mind when viewing a property

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 Viewing a new property can be tricky, but it also gives you the chance to see what you're signing on for. Because of how important a thorough viewing can be, we decided to put together a few simple points to address and keep in mind for the next time you visit a new property.


1 - Ask questions

Don’t shy away from asking the housing agent or property manager for what you need or want. Be sure and point out any factors that may be missing once you actually reach and see the place.


2 - Know who is managing your property

Having a straightforward, smooth relationship with your property manager can streamline the move and allow for an easier time once you’re settled. Find out if they’re full-time. Feedback from a current or former tenant about the property, area, landlord and agent can be very helpful. 


3 - Be clear on what is included within the housing contract

If the property you’re viewing is currently lived in and furnished, take into account which things belong to the occupants. Try and obtain a current inventory of amenities, utilities etc. If you happen to have pets, make sure they’re allowed in the building, house or area.


4 - Assess the quality of amenities that are included

See if certain items need replacing before you move in. Make sure the quality and condition of everything from kitchen to air conditioning is in good condition.


 5 - Run the taps

Functional plumbing is a hallmark of civilisation. In the event that repairs are needed or scheduled, try and plan your move-in date accordingly. 


 6 - Check that there are enough power outlets

And make sure they are in good condition. Check out the fuse board if need be, faulty wiring can be dangerous. A space with plenty of power outlets and lighting options is always ideal.


7 - Think about how much storage space you’ll need

If built-in cupboards aren’t part of the deal, keep in mind that some space may be taken up by new wardrobes, chests of drawers etc. Try and envision yourself within the room, with all your furniture and belongings.


8 - Take light into account

How important is natural light to you? Look at windows, views, and what time and direction the sunlight happens to hit the property. Large windows can help a space seem more open and airy. Privacy is important, so consider what is visible in your periphery when you do look out.


9 - Consider the area around the property

This will give you a better sense of everything from convenience stores and clubhouses to what your neighbours are like. If you live with your children and would like them in a more family-friendly area, take that into consideration.


10 - Choose a different time of day, in the event of a second viewing 

Even a difference in light can give you a clearer perspective on the place. Traffic also tends to vary at different periods of the day, so your second commute can give you a fresh outlook on what to expect on the roads when coming or going.



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All the points are to be noted, I like the article very helpful.

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