Tips for returning to work after a holiday

By khadiza

Saying goodbye to carefree times on vacation during Eid and other holidays during the year can sometimes make you feel blue. You may not be able to imagine getting back to a normal working routine and enjoying it, but the post-vacation outlook doesn’t have to be gloomy. Here are some tips to rediscover your workplace mojo, and feel career fulfillment once more when you find yourself back in the swing of things.

Be Prepared

Prepare yourself mentally 2 or 3 days before you return to your workplace routine, particularly if you have been on a long-haul flight. Try staying up to the correct domestic time and eat at your usual domestic time too to get your digestion back on track.

Check your emails and all other official messages remotely before heading back to work – that way there are no nasty surprises! Prepare for meetings, presentations and other important tasks the day before, so there is less stress the following day.

Upon your return, if there is anything that needs to be delegated to co-workers try to do it as early as possible, it'll lessen stress in the longer run.

Be On Time

Don’t be late on the first day back after vacation. If possible be a little early. It will give you a little extra time to adjust to the normal working parameters.

Do Different

If you are a little jet lagged, try to address difficult tasks to be met the times that you are likely to feel your best.

For example, if you function best in the morning, address that large, more difficult challenge and do more mundane tasks like going through e-mails when you're strength is flagging in the afternoon.

If you have a regular meeting that always seems boring or unproductive, try holding it at a different time of day.

Note the times when your boss is in good spirits and take your new ideas to them at that point. That way, your work may be more appreciated!

Be More Human!

Interact again with your colleagues as soon as possible, match up with the assigned tasks and manage your calendar.

Once you are in the office, catch up with your colleagues, seniors and trainees. Get an idea about pending tasks and those that are needed to be finished immediately. Then start to address them in order of priority.

Finally – Enjoy!

Take control of your return to work, make it positive! Look for new ways to add value to your work, be nicer to your colleagues, give praise when necessary, and write down once a day why you are grateful for your job. A little humility and laughter can transform post-vacation blues – so start smiling and enjoy your return to work!




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