TV packages on the Pearl

By AnotherNewbie

Does anyone know what TV packages/options are available on the Pearl? Isn't Mosaic linked to Qtel and doesn't Vodafone have the monopoly on things like the internet for the Pearl? Am only just getting round to organising the basics such as TV and want to know if I have any options before signing up. More than happy to explore whatever options there are if it means I get to watch the odd mormal bit of TV (what options are there with Mosaic if that's all that's available?)!

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By DYEYTB• 5 years 5 months ago.

Read somewhere that Mozaic / fibre optic bb now available at the Pearl - seemingly the person was told this by a text (from Qtel?) - anyone got any more information on this / also receive the text?


By IanW• 6 years 1 month ago.
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Yes Vodaphone does have the monopoly on internet connections in the Pearl. They have a little shop in Tower 12 - near Spinneys - who can sort that out for you.

For TV, I believe TPQ are the sole provider via a fibre/IP system. They have an office in Tower 11 (I think).

In my building they give approximately 800 free-to-air channels at no cost via a Set Top Box they provide. You can upgrade this to various OSN packages by subscription. The IT section then just reprogramme the STB remotely to add the new package(s).

As far as I know - but I may be wrong - the QTel Mosaic system is NOT available on the Pearl. And you are prohibited from installing your own dishes on the balconies. You have to go through the proper channels (pun intended) :-)

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