Tips to make moving homes easier

Tips to make moving homes easier

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Moving into a new home is no easy task. However if you have been living in Qatar for a couple of years, you may have had to move homes a few times; either to accommodate a growing family or be in close proximity to your work place or children’s school.

If you are currently in the process of looking for new homes in Qatar, visit the Qatar Living Properties website, to find a house that meets your requirements.

If you have found a new home, here’s a list of tips to keep in mind to make sure you have a hassle free experience while shifting.

Prior to packing

1. Plan ahead – set a date for moving, donate unwanted items, create an inventory of items

Planning ahead will ensure that you have a smooth experience during the shifting process. Firstly, it is important that you pick a moving date. This will depend on how soon your new landlord is willing to hand over the keys to your new home. Speak to your landlord before deciding on a date.

Secondly, prioritize making a to-do list that needs to be completed before the moving date. Your to-do list could include donating or selling items you no longer need, creating an inventory of remaining items and grouping items by room.

2. Make a separate list for items to be carried by the mover and yourself

It is best that you pack personal items, valuables and items that are fragile by yourself. Keep the heavy lifting for the movers. Furniture, electrical appliances, wall and art deco can be carried by the movers. To make things easier, make a list of items that each party will be carrying.

3. Set a budget and find a reputable mover

Decide on how much you want to spend for the moving process. Carry out some research by speaking to family and friends in Qatar who have shifted homes. Alternatively, you can visit Qatar Living Services to find a mover that matches your requirements.

Speak to the movers and set expectations. Certain furniture may require reassembling. Understand their operation by inquiring about their assembly technique, materials used to pack fragile items and the loading and unloading process. If the movers are unable to carry out the reassembly of furniture, you may have to look for a carpenter or consider a company that includes carpentry.

During the packing process

1. Ensure boxes are packed according to their destination room

Have separate boxes for each room. For instance make sure all items to be placed in your bedroom will be in one box, the living room in another box and so on. You could also colour code the boxes to make it easier when unloading.

2. Take caution when packing boxes

It would be easier to pack all clothes and personal items in travel bags. Heavier items can be put into boxes. Make sure you place all heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones on top. Do not keep any spaces in the boxes. Try filling the gaps with spare cloth or bubble wrap.

3. Make detailed labels for each box

Make a list of items placed inside each box. This will help you during the unpacking process by giving you an idea of which box to start with first.

4. Carry an overnight bag of essentials with you

Unpacking all your belongings may take a couple of days. Ensure you pack an overnight bag with some clothes, toiletries and other essential items. This way, you can pace out the unpacking process. You could also consider packing a box of essential kitchen items such as a kettle, a couple of spoons, some mugs and plates. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy a meal in home your new without worrying about kitchen items in different boxes.

Unloading items into your new home

1. Move all boxes into one room for an unfurnished house or destination rooms for a furnished one

If you are moving into an unfurnished house, move all your boxes in into one room. Wait till all furniture and other electrical appliances have been fitted in, before opening up your boxes. However, if you are moving into a furnished house you can move the boxes to their destination rooms.

2. Start unpacking essentials first

Before unpacking, decide what items are absolutely essential. Prioritize your needs and your daily routine during the setting up process. For instance if you have small children it will be important to set up their spaces first. Places like the living room can be tackled last.

Moving homes can be a hassle free experience if you plan things out early. Here’s a list of more tips to keep in mind when moving into a new home.


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