What Size Generator Do I Need?

Mark Wahlberg
By Mark Wahlberg

How Do You Determine the Size of Your Generator?

1. Determine what your generator will need to power.

Wattages are often stamped on the bottom, back, or nameplate of an appliance. Because devices have a variety of power settings, the actual quantity of electricity consumed may vary depending on the setting. A ceiling fan running at high speed, for example, may consume more electricity than a fan running at moderate speed.

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Whether you can't locate the watts on your appliance, see whether it lists amperes instead. If this is the case, you can calculate the wattage by dividing amperes by voltage using the following formula:

WATTS are equal to VOLTS x AMPS.

If you have a 10 amp device that runs on 120 volts, you will have a wattage of 1,200 (10 x 120 = 1,200).

If the equipment does not show amps or volts, you can find the watts of your individual product by consulting the owner's manual or the manufacturer's website. Whatever method you use to determine your unit's electrical rating, it's an important step in establishing your energy usage (and expenditures), ensuring the safe and efficient operation of your gadget, and calculating the necessary generator size.

2. Power.

Consumers frequently consider generators in relation to the size of their home. While there is clearly a link, a better way to shop for a generator is to add up the actual wattage of the items you'll need to power during a power loss, as well as the frequency of your power outages.

The interactive tool below will provide you with a rough estimate. Simply select a generator type to see what appliances you can power with it. The wattages shown for each type of appliance are suggestions only and may differ from what you have in your home. Get to know that some appliances, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and sump pumps, consume significantly more energy when they are turned on. If you don't account for surge watts, your figures will be inaccurate.

1 kW to 10 kW: If you need a backup generator, one in this size range can assist you power a few rooms in your house. A 5 kW portable generator can power a fridge, four lights, a fan, and an electric motor. However, for the average-sized home, you'll need at least 10 kW of power. The majority of these smaller generators are powered by propane, natural gas, or diesel fuel.

10 kW to 50 kW: This Generators allow households to run multiple appliances at the same time. Perhaps you wish to utilize many energy-intensive devices at the same time, such as HVAC systems, water pumps, and washing machines. If so, a propane, diesel, or natural gas generator in this size range is an option.

50 kW to 100 kW: Typically fueled by diesel, these machines are an excellent choice for backup power generation in businesses and restaurants.

100 kW to 200 kW: Generators in this class can power industrial sites, larger offices, or any establishment with a large number of appliances such as computers, lights, fans, and air-conditioning systems. They can power fishing boats and run on both diesel and gasoline.

200 kW to 300+ kW: Industrial generators of this capacity are a suitable choice if you need to keep power on 24/7. These enormous generators, which run on diesel or gas, can supply enough electricity for major enterprises and high-rise buildings with elevators and/or escalators.

3. You Have Periodic Outages.

They are sometimes sustained, but not always, and you don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a home backup generator.

Consider the following generator types: • Large inverter • Large portable

Unless you suffer frequent power outages throughout the year, you may not be willing to pay the $10,000 or more it can cost to purchase and install a home standby generator. If you're willing to retrieve your huge inverter or portable generator from a garage or shed and hook it up during the outage, you could save thousands of dollars. You should still build a transfer switch and budget for the cost.

4. Select the Correct Generator Size.

Add the total running watts of all appliances you want to run at the same time to your highest single beginning watts to determine how much generator power you need. You'll need a generator capable of handling that amount without drawing 100% of its watts. Generators should be sized to around 110% of design load, but should preferably run at 50% to 80% of their rated capacity, according to the US General Services Administration.

In the United States, generators are normally rated in kilowatts (kW), which refers to the quantity of actual power or working power produced by a machine, and kilovolt-amperes (kVA), which indicates the apparent power, or the amount of power a device consumes.

The two are confused because, in a perfect world, kW would be the same as kVA, but because no electrical system is perfect, kW tells you how much useful power the system translates into actual power output. To minimize confusion, the output amperage of a generator can be estimated using the operating power (kW) plus voltage.

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5. Generator Type.

Generators are classified as follows:

Inverter generator: Inverter generators use advanced technology to produce clean, reliable electricity. These types are typically quieter, more fuel-efficient, and safer to use when charging sensitive electronics such as laptops or phones.

Portable generators: These smaller machines can provide power for less energy-intensive chores like charging your phone when traveling or powering an electric tool (such as electric driller, hammer, etc) at home. Portable generators, despite their smaller size, are not capable of powering a full home or construction site.

Standby generator: In the event of an emergency, these larger, stationary machines can act as whole-house generators and even power entire buildings. They can also be set to turn on automatically to ensure that there is no downtime. Their large size (usually larger than an air conditioner) generally comes at a high cost.

Towable diesel generators: Towable diesel generators are designed to hook directly to the back of your car and can accompany you wherever you need power. These mobile units provide a portable, fully integrated power system, whether your building site is completely off the grid or you need to provide electricity for an outdoor event.

6. Choosing a Safe Generator.

Only portable generators with carbon monoxide (CO) safety technology—that is, a built-in sensor that triggers an automatic shutoff if carbon monoxide levels rise to dangerous levels in an enclosed space—are recommended by Ceiling Fans Living.It is critical to always operate a generator at least 20 feet away from your home, with the exhaust directed away from it, as well as any windows, doors, AC units, or other structures.

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