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For the first time in Qatar, Red Bull Curates will feature Dhow Art. The initiative is dedicated to the appreciation of art and Qatar’s cultural heritage. Red Bull Curates: Dhow Art will be held in partnership with Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum, Vodafone Qatar and Doha Fire station.

Leading as the curator on the initiative Khalifa Al Obaidly, director of Doha Fire Station will lead the artists throughout Red Bull Curates: Dhow art, an event which Qatar Living is a community partner to.

The curator invited 25 Artists from all backgrounds and disciplines, to take part in the initiative. Starting with an orientation at Doha Fire Station, the project was introduced to the invitees, giving them insights on everything to expect. The artists proceeded to submit the creative designs that would inspire their dhow art.

“We’re used to the canvas traditionally being an empty space, but now the canvas has transformed into a dhow, presenting a new challenge. Every artist will innovate to find their own way around this challenge as they implement their inspiring art to the boats. I look forward to this truly unique experience, changing the way effects are expressed through art”, claimed Khalifa Al Obaidly.

On the 23rd of November an announcement dinner was held at the City Centre Rotana Doha. The event was attended by multiple media outlets at which the curator and a jury selected six artists to bring their designs to life. The six artists include Fahad Al-Maadheed, Mubarak Al Malik, Jameela Al-Ansari, Noor Abu Issa, Fatma Al Naimi and Muna Al Bader.

Qatar Living had the chance to talk to four of the six artists who will be spending 19 days to apply their art work on a dhow given to each.  

Excited to see her art in 3D, Fatma Al Naimi said this is a new and challenging experience for her. Al Naimi wants to paint a reflection of life in general, she wants to show an interpretation of the decisions we have control over and those that are out of our control. The drawing technique she’ll be approaching is controlled drawing as in lines she means to place and uncontrolled drawing as in splashing of colors in a random manner. She wants to use an array of both warm and cold colours.

Artist – Fatma Al-Naimi

While many of the artists plan to use paint on a brush, graffiti artist Mubarak Al Malik, plans on using spray paint to show us his artwork on the dhow. His art will be of eyes, both of a female’s and of a male’s. He wants to take a sight of the past when a woman would look at her man and say goodbye to him before going off pearl diving. Pearl diving plays a crucial role in Qatari culture. Al Malik also wants to show the reflections of what the eyes see from both angles, that of the woman’s and that of the man’s.

Artist – Mubarak Al Malik

Having 10 years of experience in different media of art, Jameela Al-Ansari will be using the art of Arabic calligraphy on her dhow. In her vast experience, she dealt with sculptures, canvases, ceramique and many other media. On her dhow, she’ll be using acrylic and spray paint to depict modern Qatar in her special twist and will be using all sort of bright, warm colours.

Artist – Jameela Al-Ansari

Muna Al Bader has obtained a decade of experience in working with traditional Qatari weddings. In her art piece, she wants to translate the dance movements of Qatari women in weddings, to the stroke of a brush. Al Bader wants to make her brush dance the way a Qatari woman would dance at a traditional wedding.

Artist – Muna Al-Bader

During implementation, the artists will paint, spray and decorate the dhows down to every detail. The artists and their dhows will be showcased at the Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum on the 14th of December.


Will you be attending to see the final results? Let us know in the comments below.

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