List of Salons for Eid 2022

List of Salons for Eid 2022

By qatarliving

1. The Beats Salon

"THE BEATS" is a one-of-a-kind combination of retro ambience, high standards, and vintage interior design.
Naturally the founders, Ina and Hassan, have always been inspired by traditional beauty style, and rock & roll American culture of the 1950s. The mutual fascination for art and fashion has led them to collaborate and establish "The Beats". They provide Nail services, specializing in Lash lift, Lash lifts along with other services. They are the industry leader and preferred brand in the GCC with over 3 million clients. 

They also offer seasonal promotions and discounts on their services. At the moment there is a Lash Extension discount for Ramadan valid until April 30, so hurry up!

Contact: +974 33403322 
Location: Crown Plaza, the Business Park
Bookings: The Beats



2. Bioskin Spa

Bioskinspa is an anti-aging and wellness spa that provides one-of-a-kind face, body, and hair care treatments. You can get to explore a wide choice of natural products created in Switzerland for skin nurturing, hair evolution, and body sculpting in the ultimate Bioskinspa experience. The Beauty Revolution Meets the Modern Woman's Needs & Desires at Bioskinspa. Bioskin Spa is ISO certified offering non-surgical solutions. They have repeated clients who have received visible results, high quality service and benefits.

Book an appointment today and enjoy your glow up through their skincare formula!

Contact: +974 30560767
Timing: Saturday - Thursday 9am to 9pm
Location: New salata 40, 820، Villa 77


3. Jean Louis David

In 1961, Jean Louis David opened his first salon in Paris.. His inventive approaches and enthusiasm for women's attractiveness were key factors in his success. Now, over a thousand Jean Louis David salons can be found all over the world. They have recently achieved the Spa and Wellness Winner for Ohlala Qatar Magazine as the ‘Favorite Beauty Salon’. Jean Louis David's atmosphere is warm and customer-friendly, which he has known since the beginning. Each customer's visit to the salon begins with a one-on-one conversation with the stylist for consultation. They provide all sorts of hair services starting with Volume treatment, Keratin, styling, dying and more, along with Nails, Lashes & Massage for men and women.

Schedule an appoinment with the stylist and get yourslef a celebrity look!

Contact: +974 50477430
Timing: Daily 9am to 9pm
Location: Renaissance City Center, West Bay                                

4. Rivage


Rivage was developed after being inspired by the dead sea's ability to transform and enhance skin and hair's natural beauty and health. Our skin can benefit from Dead Sea mud by unclogging pores and detoxifying the body by removing several toxins along with nourishing. Rivage sells Dead Sea mud in its purest form as a body mask, as well as Dead Sea mud soap, shampoo, and shower gel, beauty cosmetics, etc. The impact is clear and beautiful skin.

Check out their online shop and get your products shipped today!

Shop: Rivage Qatar
Instagram: Rivage 

5. Diplomatic Club

Diplomatic Club's beachfront hairstylists are top-notch. They provide basic hair care and aesthetic services to both men and women in different locations. Their beauty salons strive to replace the dreadful experience of going to a salon with a caring and personalized experience. They will prepare the men’s face by softly lathering it, shaving , along with moisturizing and massaging. The stylists here are eager to help you on your hair journey to gain that edgy look. The salon prides itself on highly competent professionals who specialize in skin, hair, and nail services. 

Book your appointment today or spontaneously walk in and pick a style for your look!

Contact: +974 44847444 / +974 44847407
Timing: Daily 9am to 8pm
Location: West Bay Lagoon


6. Noon Beauty Centre

Noon Beauty Center is Doha's Affordable Organic Salon. They specialize in beauty treatments, makeup services, hairstyling, and other forms of body care for women, offering organic and non-organic beauty care services of the greatest quality. Along with hairdressing services, brow and eyelash care. A high percentage of their business is from regular customers.

Book your appointment today and let yourself be pampered by skilled professionals at affordable rates!


Contact: +974 4492 2330 / Whatsapp: +974 55523876
Timing:  Sat-Thu 10am-8pm,   Fri 2pm-8pm
Location: Al Duhail, Opposite CNAQ 


Are you ready to dive in for your beauty needs this Eid? Let us know!


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