‘Peach fuzz’ is 2024 color of the year

‘Peach fuzz’ is 2024 color of the year

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By : Fazmina Samat


Move over, basic colours! Pantone's 2024 colour of the year is the soft and dreamy "Peach Fuzz". Picture it - a pinkish-orange delight that's about to dominate your wardrobe and beauty routine. This iconic choice isn't just a random pick, Pantone's been introducing the revolutionizing colour of the year since 1999, connecting culture and colour like no other. 

What is Pantone colour of the year?

The program was initiated in 1999 to involve the design community and emphasize the connection between culture and colour, this programme has evolved into a cultural cornerstone, impacting global product development and consumer choices. The Pantone Colour Institute team representing diverse design backgrounds, possesses an intricate ability to interpret global events in the language of color, free from personal or commercial agendas. 

Why should you care?  

The Pantone Color of the Year is important because it helps companies and consumers better understand the power colour can have. Colours selected as Pantone Color of the Year increased in popularity and became influential the following year. It helps companies and consumers become conscious of the impression they can make through colour. 

Pantone’s ability to predict some of the most prominent hues in fashion is unmatched. It's not just a hue that they predict, its a statement. Expect Peach Fuzz to steal the spotlight, pushing aside last year's Barbie revolution. 

Ready for a wardrobe makeover? Read up to find out how you can incorporate the color of year in your lifestyle! 


Minimal Peach Mini Handbag 



Transformed into a handbag, Peach Fuzz oozes a vibe comparable to a deep, natural tan. This Cortina Mini Handbag from Cavalli Class, the sophisticated diffusion of the Roberto Cavalli brand, beautifully showcases this rich color, elevating it to new heights in the world of accessories. 


Peachy activewear


Kickstart your 2024 fitness goals in style with fresh peachy workout gear! Dive into the Squatwolf - code mystery crop tee, specially crafted with running and high-impact activities in mind, it's not just activewear, it's your vibrant companion on the road to a healthier you! 


Lightweight peachy sunnies

Say goodbye to those dark shades and embrace life through a peachy perspective with this Oversized square Acetate Sunglasses from Charles and Keith. These stylish shades are set to add a touch of warmth and flair to your sunny days. 


Peach toned modest wear


According to Pantone's Color of the Year report, the peach tone aims to evoke a sense of 'kindness and tenderness'. Brace yourself for a wave of this heartfelt hue, gracefully adorning luscious and elegant abayas. Get ready to embody warmth and sophistication in your wardrobe. 


Snatch that waist

Indulge in glamour with this bedazzling waist-hugging belt, with its hue drawing clear inspiration from peaches, Enhance your outfit for that snatched, peachy waist look that's bound to turn heads. 


Colorful heels


Elongate your structure with these sculptured Charles & Keith heels and give a mood-boosting splash of trendy colour into your outfits. What makes them even better is that these heels are crafted from recycled polyester, that's spun from discarded plastic items, This eco-friendly process ensures a smaller carbon footprint, hence making these heels a stylish and sustainable choice. 


Colourful take on runners

If it’s comfort over beauty, then these breathable Adidas Climacool Ventania running Shoes are fit for you. Made with Primegreen high-performance recycled materials, these shoes will not only set the trend but keep you comfortable all day long. 


Sun-kissed shirts 

Feeling casual and ready for a quick day out? Look no further than this peachy rolled-up sleeve shirt with front pockets by DENIM. It's the essential attire to infuse your look with a touch of peachy chicness! 


Peach special occasion dress

Steal the spotlight as the star of the evening in this sequined evening gown by NEXT that effortlessly adds to the peachy allure. Shine bright and embrace the elegance of the peachy effect.  


Comfy and cozy Kaftan

Ease into comfort and relaxation with this peachy easy-breezy sheer cotton kaftan. Complete with a waist tie and eyelet detail, its the epitome of laid-back chic, perfect for those sunny summer days. 


Scent of a peach 

Beyond the fashion world, anticipate the trend making waves in the beauty world too! Case in point : Tom Ford's Bitter Peach Eau De Parfum is already causing a sensation on #PerfumeTok. Get ready for a fragrant dose of peachy allure! 


Peachy lip smackers

Achieve the ultimate peachy and bubbly look with Tarte's Hydrating Plumping Gloss. It's the go-to solution for a luscious and vibrant finish.  


Peach and flawless setting powder

Experience the luxurious feel of the all new Huda Beauty Peach setting Powder, its incredibly soft and silky textures works wonders, delivering a bright, lifted and filtered to enhance your look. 



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