The pleasures of aromatherapy

By Jorge_Granda

When your body has had enough and your mind is in search of peace, head out to the Doha Marriott Hotel and enjoy one of the hotel’s fantastic spa treatments.

For her

When I arrive at the Doha Marriott Hotel's "The Spa", the first thing that gets my attention is the sea view. The beautiful view gives me a sense of tranquility and calmness, which immediately puts me in the mood to enjoy a one hour massage.

After taking a tour of the facility I am escorted by my masseuse to the changing room where I get ready to enjoy my treatment. Once I am ready I proceed to go to the massage room. The room's dim light, and soft background music, set up the ambiance to make your body feel totally relaxed.

Before the massage starts the masseuse makes me choose between three different scented oils to use during the session. I would personally recommend the rose oil, although the orange also smells and feels good.

My massage therapist then proceeds to place a towel on my body and only uncovers the part of my body she massages. She gradually massages my entire body with soft strokes. The part that I enjoy the most is the smell of the oil while the massage takes place. It is such a relaxing and soothing feeling.

Throughout the entire session, I am constantly asked if I am comfortable and if the pressure is fine. The personalized attention is terrific. At this point, I am so stress-free and comfortable that I feel I am falling asleep. Her technique and pressure are just perfect.

After the massage is over I am offered a juice which I gladly accept, while I rest for a few minutes before heading out to reality.

Having a massage any day of the week is one of the most relaxing and rewarding experiences anyone can have. The Spa at the Doha Marriott Hotel is a great place to let yourself go and indulge.

For him

The first time I visited the spa at the Doha Marriott Hotel was two years ago. Upon entering today, I am pleasantly surprised to find out that the same massage therapist I had two years ago would be my massage therapist today. He's so charismatic and great at what he does that I am thrilled to have him again. I know right away the experience will be fantastic.

Today I decide to give their signature aromatherapy massage a go. The aromatherapy massage is a full body massage, medium to soft pressure that aims to relax the entire body muscles and soothes the stress.

I do not enjoy deep pressure massages and I explain this to my therapist. He is very accommodating and understanding. Fortunately for me the technique applied by him and in the way he's rubbing my muscles is surprisingly pleasurable and soft.

He first starts by cleaning my feet and cover my body with a towel. He then applies scented oil all over my body. He then massages my back and neck. The feeling is quite soothing and relaxing. After a few minutes, I am amazingly relaxed.

Subsequently I turn around and he then applies the same techniques to my chest and legs. The most sublime part of the entire experience is when he gives me a head massage.

All in all, the treatment is highly pleasurable and enjoyable. I like the room because it feels intimate and it is very clean. Another good aspect of the treatment is how professional my therapists is. It is really one of the best massages I have had recently.

We recommend an aromatherapy massage at the Marriott Doha. The aromatherapy massage helps to relieving tight, stressed, over worked and aching muscles.

It also helps in restoring your balance and comfort with specific deep tissue techniques: kneading, pressure points, deep fictions and opening movements with double layering for effective penetration to stimulate the blood circulation, warm the muscles, ease strain and major physical and emotional tension.


The Spa

Location: Doha Marriott Hotel

Treatment: Saray Massage

Price: QR 450

For more information call is +974 4429 8520 or visit

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