The rise of fashion bloggers in Qatar

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Fashion bloggers or “fashionistas” as they are called nowadays, have taken over the world, influencing millions of people. They have become one of the most effective marketing strategies in reaching out to the younger demographic.

We have had bloggers flying in from all over to attend certain events and promote different products in Qatar. However, I think we should focus more on the homegrown bloggers from Doha.  

We have a range of bloggers from modest Qatari dressers to western fashionistas to suit all lifestyles. They have developed a substantial following and are continuing to grow.

That is why you should be checking out some of these popular accounts for some fabulous fashion inspiration with links to their clothing items and accessories.

They even keep you posted about the latest events and restaurants in the region.

Here are a few that might interest the fashion lovers out there:

@haneenalsaify has a massive following of 122K, and has become the face of Al Motahajiba here in Qatar. You might want to take a look at her account for the latest abaya designs.

@lulumohamadali has more than 48K followers and has used her social media presence to help advance her career by becoming a business owner at the age of just 27.

@hendrumaihi has around 200K followers , grabbing the attention of luxury lovers around the world while managing to keep her identity a mystery.. She is also launching her own clothing line soon.

@koodiz a self declared shoe freak has a freaky number of followers - over 330K followers to be exact. She is another one of those anonymous Instagram celebrities. Her minimal style and photography is greatly admired by the locals in Qatar.

@nuhasamarrae has a growing blog with 22.2K followers and focuses on a more personal style covering travel and lifestyle.

Although some bloggers in the region may have a couple of million followers, we should try not to neglect local talent and entrepreneurs. Social media has opened up new doors for the fashion world and we should support young "fashionistas" in making their mark.

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