Where to get glamorous outfits from this Eid al-Adha

Where to get glamorous outfits from this Eid al-Adha

By qatarliving

With Eid al-Adha coming around the corner, and life being busy with family, friends, work, and more, it’s understandable if you have not decided on your Eid outfits yet. Whether you want pre-made outfits or outfits tailored to you, there are a few stores in Qatar that can help you out exactly according to your needs. 

With Eid being an extremely important occasion for Muslims around the world, many like to look their best and wear their best clothes when going out to celebrate Eid. With friends, family, and acquaintances coming together, many want to have good looking outfits in everyone’s eyes. 

We got you covered. If you need to go last minute shopping for a beautiful outfit or specific pieces, check out any one of these popular stores in Doha:

1. Khaadi 

Khaadi is an international brand that was founded in order to bring back the ancient handloom craft and create traditional patterns in a contemporary manner. It started as a single store in Karachi, Pakistan, but quickly gained an international presence. There are now stores in countries all around the UK and Middle East, such as the UAE, Bahrain, etc, as well as over 50 stores in their home country, Pakistan, as well. Furthermore, they have a website from which customers from all around the world can order. 

Khaadi, amongst their staple pieces, have a collection specifically for Eid. It is divided into three sections, unstitched, western, and ready to wear. They have kurtas, dupattas, shawls, shalwars, full suits, etc. Asides these types of clothing, they sell Western clothing with a traditional twist, such as blouses, t-shirts, midi and maxi dresses, etc. 

Khaadi has one branch located in Doha Festival City, which opened in 2017. It is open from 10am to 10pm on weekdays, and 10am to 12am on Fridays and Saturdays. They also have a website with their items available for shipping in Qatar, and listed in QR. Their clothes range from QR 40 to QR 790.

Reach out on these different platforms for more information regarding their products:

Facebook: Khaadi 
Instagram: @khaadi 
Twitter: @KhaadiOfficial
Phone: 4418 4452

2. Jasmine Boutique

When you get clothes tailored, it’s much easier to expect a product that fits you the way you desire, no matter what shape or size you are. However, when it comes to quick, ready-made outfits, this is more tough. 

As we know, there are many boutiques and stores that have ready-made outfits for teeenagers and adults for Eid. However, there are many concerns regarding where one can get ready-made outfits of different sizes for their babies, toddlers and kids.

Jasmine Boutique has you covered. They provide designer clothes for kids. Jasmine has a large selection of styles and types of clothing for children. They sell dresses, accessories, stationary, stuffed toys, bags, headbands, robes, pyjamas, dolls, and more items. 

As of now, Jasmine Boutique has one branch in Villagio Mall. It is open from 9am to 10pm on weekdays, and 9am to 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Their clothes range from QR 68 to QR 681, according to the products listed on their Facebook page.

Reach out on these different platforms for more information regarding their products:

Facebook: Jasmine Boutiques Qatar
Instagram: @jasmineboutiques 

Phone Number: 5045 6666
Email: order.jasmineboutiques@gmail.com

3. Sheikha Style Boutique 

Sheikha Style Boutique is a fashion line that is divided into three categories. 

he first category is personal designs consisting of Sheikha style Khaliji galabiyas, luxurious and casual abayas. The second category is custom-made galabiyas and abayas, whether it be according to color, cut, individual pieces, or whole sets. They also have custom-made gift sets of abayas and galabiyas for any occasion as an option under this category too. The third category is showcasing galabiya and abaya designs and pieces from local designers, and making sure the quality of them is reviewed and guaranteed beforehand.  

Furthermore, they provide special occasion galabiyas and abayas too, such as for special holidays like Qatar National Day and Women’s Day. 

They also offer perfumes and pre-orders on limited edition perfumes. 

Founded by a Qatari woman, the founder has made it her mission to keep up and incorporate Qatari styles and culture into the pieces provided by the boutique. Their pieces cater to more traditional and conservative customers. They focus on rich fabrics, intricate details, and craftsmanship. 

Sheikha Style has five branches in Doha. The five branches are in Doha Festival City, Gulf Mall, Ezdan Mall Al Gharrafa, Ezdan Mall Al Wakra, and Mall of Qatar. You can also shop their perfumes online on their website

Their perfumes cost between QR 250 to QR 750. For galabiya and abaya prices, contact Sheikha Style on any of the following platforms, their contact form or visit one of their stores:

Facebook: Sheikha Style
Instagram: @sheikhastyleboutique
Email: Info@sheikhastyleboutique.com
Number: +974 3131 3564

Doha Festival City WhatsApp/Call Number: +974 3131 8000
Gulf Mall WhatsApp/Call Number: +974 7407 9000
Ezdan Mall Al Gharrafa WhatsApp/Call Number: +974 3131 9000
Ezdan Mall Al Wakra WhatsApp/Call Number: +974 5074 9000
Mall of Qatar WhatsApp/Call Number: +974 7064 9000

4. Verona Fashion

Verona Fashion is a clothing line that provides luxurious, formal clothing with great attention to detail and high-quality fabrics. 

They do not believe in following trends, as they believe in covering different styles and making sure all are perfected either way. 

Verona Fashion aims at reaching women from all over the world and offering styles that fit all sizes and all ages.They want to provide luxurious yet comfortable, high-quality clothes for affordable prices to make all women look glamorous. 

Verona Fashion has five core values: innovation, dedication, passion, ambition, high quality. 

As of now, they sell ready-made clothes consisting of abayas, casual and formal dresses, and caftans. 

There are five Verona Fashion branches currently. They are located in Doha Festival City, Tawar Mall, Gulf Mall, Mall of Qatar. They also offer delivery to Doha residents through WhatsApp. 

Contact Verona Fashion through any of the following platforms for prices and more information:

Verona Fashion Gulf Mall: +974 4492 9499
Verona Fashion Doha Festival City: +974 4431 7102
Verona Fashion Tawar Mall: +974 4487 8570 
Verona Fashion Mall of Qatar/WhatsApp for Deliveries: +974 6679 5269

Facebook: Verona Fashion 
Instagram: @verona.fashion.h
Email: benromdanehamza@gmail.com
Website: https://www.verona-qatar.com/

5. Dulhan Textiles 

Dulhan Textiles is a clothing line brought by Dulhan Group, which was founded in 1994, that has companies in Doha for the purpose of spreading Indian fashion in Qatar. 

They have a wide range of ready-made kid’s wear, women’s wear, men’s wear, and bridal couture. Custom orders for saris and dresses according to specific measurements are accepted too. 

Visit the Dulhan Textiles store in Salwa Road, or contact them via social media or phone for more information. Their store opens from 9am to 1pm, and then 4pm to 10pm everyday except Fridays. On Fridays, it opens from 4pm to 10pm. 

Instagram: @dulhantex
Facebook: Dulhan Textiles 
Phone Number: 4458 0783 


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Source: Khaadi, Jasmine Boutique, Sheikha Style Boutique, Verona Fashion, Dulhan Textiles 
Inline Image Source: Khaadi, Jasmine Boutique, Sheikha Style Boutique, Verona Fashion, Dulhan Textiles 

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