Starting a Business in Doha Qatar

By Baselch

Hello Everyone,

i need to invest in Qatar for a new business with medium investment.

im looking forward to open a small Mart , a Small Resurant , or to take Distribution of Consumer goods(i.e snacks,juices,etc) of any Branded company. for these kind of business how much minimum invest should i need to invest in Doha i have visited Doha 2 times for a short stay so i know the market of Doha.

What are the requirements ?? how much time it will take in all procedure after finalising my project or is there any Business formation company/Agent in Qatar who will help me with all legal documents,Local Sponser,Tax Documents or Licenses, Visas/Facilities etc.

im open for kind and helpful suggestions.

Currently im not in Qatar anyone who want to contact me can contact me through my E-mail

Thanks & Regards.


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By Molten Metal• 1 week 12 hours ago.
Molten Metal

Baiju, Thanks for your understanding. Great ...............

By baiju.c• 1 week 21 hours ago.

Very good advise

By Molten Metal• 2 weeks 12 hours ago.
Molten Metal

Guys , it is not that easy, writing an essay is easy, I admit .............

By Rahul Venu• 2 weeks 23 hours ago.
Rahul Venu

I can help you to finish your registration process.

Rahul Venu

By KaelCinc• 2 months 4 weeks ago.

Qatar is a high potential market where a substantial growth is going to be witnessed in Online segment. As the trends of consumer shopping is on a shift towards the online merchants, those who can utilize this opportunity can have an edge in the market. But the adoption to the online segment is only in its beginning in Qatar. so, the chance to get ahead of competition is now.

Qatar economy has an advantage of high disposable income and connected community where there is a extra gap to grow large in online segment. First of all if you are looking to start an E-Commerce please keep the following in mind:

1. Ensure that you have added ‘e-commerce’ as an activity to your Commercial Registration before you start trading online.

2. A “.qa” domain would be preferred when going online in Qatar. Buying similar and necessary domains related to the brand and service provided is suggested. Please refer

3. Its highly recommended to use a secure payment portal such as QPAY-SECURE . Your platform should feel credible and trustworthy, as we all know customers will only proceed for checkout if they are enough confident regarding their Payment processing. Find out more:

4. Use the resources available to you by reviewing the Ministry of Transport and Communications e-Commerce information portal and handy roadmap guide:

5. Always create an user friendly platform in perspective of a final customer. the design and layout should be attractive and catchy. Don’t forget that the impression of a visitor in first 3 sec will make him decide to proceed or not in the website

6. Use the leverage of maximum social media and community networks to promote your business.

If you wish to know more you can attend free business sessions on Digital entrepreneurship hosted by SIGNIN QATAR( at various locations in Doha:

Some of the main areas of focus in the session would be:

Fundamentals of online business

Finding niche markets

Developing online business models (B2B and B2C)

How to start an global online store with No Stock, No Rent, No Risk

Ready to start products for all business segments

Online Product sourcing

Finding funds for the business

Get top ranking in Google, Yahoo, Bing…

Digital Payments

Logistic solutions in Online business

Effective digital marketing campaigns

Post Workshop face to face consultation


Insights on the importance of online business and on features and traits to make website a channel for substantial additional income with minimum investment.

Insights on the significance of online presence of business by using effective tools and techniques.

Methods of Social Media Marketing

7 to 10 simple online business ideas and profitable models.

An overall insight to the power of digital media and SEO methodologies.

Acumen to set up your own online store.


Anyone who aspire to own a business online

Business Owners

Professionals and new entrepreneurs

People want to work from home

Leaders want to connect with their followers

We can keep in touch in my email

By amts123• 5 months 1 week ago.

Contact me on

Please let me know your nationality.

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