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Sponsorship for business

By almazayafmcg • 7 months 2 weeks ago.

We can provide sponserhip for any kind of business to any nationality .

2 comments Molten Metal • 7 months 2 weeks ago.

Best Payment Gateway in Qatar

By Yousf Qazi • 7 months 3 weeks ago.

7SAB is one of the best payment gateway in Qatar. It is fast, secure and easy to use.

1 comments Molten Metal • 7 months 3 weeks ago.


By Dohaqatar2126 • 8 months 5 days ago.

we are looking for some experience person who can run our Catering company as we have a license for the same , One who c

6 comments devanand • 8 months 4 days ago.

Limousine company Business License

By Dohaqatar2126 • 8 months 5 days ago.

We are looking for someone who can run the Limousine company as we have the business license for the  same.


Need suggession personnel loan with 5000 QAR salary -----Hi every one there Pl suggest me from which bank i can apply for a personnel loan Thx and regards

By Manikandan Ponnaiah • 8 months 1 week ago.

4 comments Manikandan Ponnaiah • 8 months 1 week ago.

Instagram Promotion

By viplikes • 8 months 1 week ago.

Who now how to promote instagram account fast? I have tried many ways they are not working.

2 comments acc123450 • 8 months 1 day ago.

Looking for buildings from owners

By AbuMohamed Hisham • 8 months 2 weeks ago.

We are an esteem reconized Real-estate co.


Starting business without Qatari partner

By salrza • 10 months 6 days ago.

After Law No.

1 comments guidancemanagement • 2 months 1 day ago.

Facebook Ads promotion

By Saqib Rehman • 10 months 2 weeks ago.

I want to promot my facebook ads or facebook page. anyone doing please contact me.

3 comments oryxsoft • 10 months 4 days ago.

QIB redefines banking experience through award-winning mobile app

By Qatar Living • 10 months 3 weeks ago.

An innovative and highly secure end-to-end digital solution, this feature allows pre-approved QIB customers to get addit

1 comments mhtc2 • 10 months 1 week ago.

How can I find a right sponsor to start a business in Qatar

By surendran.n • 10 months 4 weeks ago.

Hi,Kindly help me out to set up an Engineering company in Qatar.

6 comments T Hussain • 10 months 2 weeks ago.

Doha Chapter of ICAI organizes 6th International Conference on ‘Excellence Through Innovation”

By Ankit403 • 11 months 5 days ago.

The Doha Chapter (The “Chapter”) of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) organized its 6th Internation


Business oppurtunity with Huge margin left in An Indian food item with price list

By • 11 months 2 weeks ago.

 We have indian food item attached in photo with price list at doha port, If you compare price with qatar leading h

1 comments • 6 months 3 weeks ago.

is looking for investors for a Swedish brand

By Yoseffa83 • 11 months 3 weeks ago.

Hello I'm looking for an investor who is Qatari. I have a Swedish product that i.s sports drink and I have receive

2 comments waleed s khan • 9 months 2 days ago.

Saalam im searching for investor for immigration business

By Pantea • 12 months 15 hours ago.

Saalam im searching for a investor for my immigration business.

3 comments Pantea • 11 months 4 weeks ago.

Selling Shares of Ithmaar Bank, Bahrain

By gokuluday96 • 1 year 4 days ago.

I bought a few shares of Ithmaar Bank when their representative visited Qatar.


Looking for Investor/ Business partner for a new venture in Doha

By Umar_380 • 1 year 5 days ago.

Our team is looking for business partner/ investor for setting up a new highly profitable venture in Doha.Business has t

2 comments Rakesh Aggarwal • 1 year 5 days ago.

Property in Pakistan

By Faisal Aslam • 1 year 5 days ago.

Aslaam-o-Alaikum and Welcome to All Pakistan's community over here in Doha-Qatar.


Home based business license

By Shajitha Shifa • 1 year 1 week ago.

Home based business license!Has anyone obtained this license.  If so what is the procedure ?Please help.

1 comments VB Raj • 5 months 2 weeks ago.

looking for Investment Opportunities in Qatar

By rijju353 • 1 year 1 week ago.

Dear All,Iam a working professional in Qatar and also has some investments in general trading company.

5 comments Pantea • 11 months 4 weeks ago.


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