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Is the voltage system in Qatar same as in USA? should we buy a computer in the USA or in Qatar?

By familiaspaulding

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By Hagar• 9 years 2 months ago.

You will get a lot more bang for the buck buying a computer in the US. Just make sure that it works on dual voltage (usually 100-250v). Just about all laptops have power bricks that work on all voltages and many desktops as well, just check the back of the box to be sure.

As for TV's, avoid buying one in the US as they are usually only NTSC compatable. Sets you buy here, although more expensive, usually work on both PAL and NTSC. Also most US TVs are not dual voltage (I bought an LG in the US specifically because it was dual voltage, but when I got here I found it did not work with the PAL TV output.

By richard goma• 9 years 2 months ago.
richard goma

when buying electrical/electronic equipment, your equipment will be safe if it is rated 220~240VAC, 50/60Hz

By yoj1210• 9 years 2 months ago.

Nope, Voltage system here in Qatar is different than USA, in Qatar is 220V while in USA, its 50Hz.But I suggest that in buying computers as well as electronic items, its better in US cz its cheaper, better quality, and they offer latest model.

By chadqa• 9 years 2 months ago.

Qatar electrical voltages per households 220-240 as per Qatar Information Agency

By Expat Sueño• 9 years 2 months ago.
Expat Sueño

Both of the above answers are pretty much correct. However, unless you can find a multi-system, dual-voltage TV that you absolutely *know* will work over here then I would purchase your TV here.

All Mac computers are dual voltage, so if you go with a Mac you'll be fine. As of a couple of years ago many PCs were still single-voltage, so you'll want to check on that. If you can find a dual-voltage computer, though, bring it - it will be better and less expensive than what you find here.

Our Onkyo/Sony stereo equipment is mostly from the U.S. and we run it on converters just fine. You can get DVD players here without stressing the budget, but you can also bring yours if you can find the "unlocking" code so that it will play DVDs from all regions. Search the internet for your specific model and cross your fingers :o)

We brought some of our kitchen electronics and left others. We have a 240V toaster oven, tea kettle, microwave, blender and juicer. We brought our 110V Cuisinart & Kitchenaid.

Hope that helps,


By dacount1229• 9 years 2 months ago.

If you have a laptop computer, it will automatically adjust for the voltage difference. If you have a desk top then if you look on the back of the power supply, there should be a switch to where you can switch from 110 to 230. Unless your computer is as old as a dinosaur.

By baldrick2dogs• 9 years 2 months ago.

Qatar power supply is based on the British system (240v 50Hz), however most electronics these days have auto switching transformers. Worst case for a Desktop PC is you swap out the power supply when you get here!

By INTER2006• 9 years 2 months ago.

Voltage in Qatar is 220VAc, 50Hz. I always buy my electronics in USA because they are of better quality and the latest models, and cheaper. Most power supplies that come with electronics are variable voltage up to 240VAC but just make sure of that. You can always buy a voltage converter power supply here, 500W or 1000W will do for most electronics.

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