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Why laptops are cheaper in souq haraj opposite to Mushreb project ?

By hi2ueverybody

I have noticed that prices of laptops are cheaper apprx.200 to 400 Qrs difference for the same model comparative to Lulu,City centre or in Jarir,why it is so ?? any defects or some other reason !!!

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By zombie• 5 years 3 months ago.

laptops in the grey market are sold without an operating system, in some cases with just a trial version. This is why they appear to be cheaper

If the deal sounds too good to be true it probably is. Better stick to known sources such as showrooms.

By hi2ueverybody• 5 years 3 months ago.

Thanks guys for all your replies ....anyone more ....

By jiane karyll• 5 years 3 months ago.
jiane karyll

to beekepee- how come you say that there is a guarantee that the item you are buying is new wherein in your post that you buy a mobile and within month there is some problem with the unit you buy, where is the guarantee on that. you cannot sure if the item you are buying is new and not second hand or refurbished. that is the meaning of guarantee.

By beekepee• 5 years 3 months ago.

It may have some guarantee issues, This is happent to me also. I purchased one mobile from one of that shops and actualy it got damaged within months.

By jiane karyll• 5 years 3 months ago.
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jiane karyll

You cannot guarantee if the laptop you buy in souq is really brand new or not. Maybe the case is brand new but the parts is not. its better to buy it in department stores like lulu, carrefour and jarir because they have quality assurance unlike buying in souq or sofitel.

By adhil444• 5 years 3 months ago.

Who know ,who cares

As long laptop are cheap

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