9 Unique Cafés to explore in Qatar

9 Unique Cafés to explore in Qatar

By qatarliving

We go to cafes to catch up with friends, while others simply want to swing away from their daily routine. For many, it's simply another place to sit and work. Doha residents are truly blessed with an abundance of amazing coffee shops. Though there is a large variety, you will be able to make a solid decision to choose a cafe for that unique experience. This collection of unique cafés in Qatar should help you find a suitable spot for your next outing with your loved ones.

1. Horoscope Cafe

Since the majority of youth groups today actually read their horoscopes online, Horoscope Cafe brings Astrology and coffee in one location. It allows visitors with passion for astrology to find out what their horoscope says about them while sipping coffee. Along with their wide array of beverages like teas and lattes, they also offer a broad selection of freshly prepared sandwiches, cheese platters, and desserts.  Many customers have rated their cafe a great atmosphere to hangout and enjoyed their excellent customer service.

Price:  QAR 15 - 70
Location: Wadi Al Gaeya, Lusail
Timing: 9 am - 2 am
Contact: +974 77202214


2. Desert Rose Cafe

Desert Rose Café is operated by Chef Nouf Al Marri, one of the best chefs in Qatar specializing in Qatari cuisine. Their menu includes the best selling Golubtsi, A la Keiv Chicken along with a variety of appetizers, vegetarian options and beverages like mojitos, fresh juice and coffee of course. Desert Rose Café's design is a tribute to Jean Nouvel's stunning building, much like the naturally occurring desert rose mineral formation that emerges as a crystal jewel from a vast desert. It is a perfect spot for visitors to relax as they explore the galleries of the National Museum of Qatar, the park, or the gift store while you're there.

Price: QAR 12 - 70
Location: National Museum of Qatar
Timing: 9 am - 7 pm; Friday: 1-8 pm
Contact: +974 33216143


3. Subzero Cafe

If the summer heat is getting to you, head to Qatar's first snow cafe for an icy treat. Eat and drink in Qatar's coolest cafe, which features sculpted ice chairs. There are many ice sculptures throughout the ice lounge along with all the furniture made from ice. Get away from Doha’s heat for a while and enjoy temperatures dipping below 3 degrees celsius, with gloves and coats available on spot. The drinks taste really good and will surely provide you a unique experience at this cafe.

Price: Adults QAR 95 ; Kids age 2-12 QAR 65 - Includes One beverage with refill, coats and gloves
Location: Porto Arabia, The Pearl 
Timing: 10 am to 11 pm
Contact: +974 40170422


4. EllaMia Doha

For the ultimate coffee date, create a luxuriously gorgeous backdrop. The beautiful setting was matched by an equally appealing selection of cakes and pastries, including a wide range of artisan coffee blends, teas, homemade sodas, and green smoothies. If you enjoy a contemporary outlook and a boujee touch to your coffee, this is a must-see.

Price: QAR 10 - 90 
Location: Mondrian Doha
Timing: 9am to 11pm Daily
Contact: +974 40455999


5. Ink Café

This Korean inspired coffee shop is a go-to for cartoon lovers. You'll feel like you've walked onto the set of a cartoon show when you visit this cafe. Everything inside has been painted black and white to give it a 2D appearance. Its unique monochrome vibes will certainly make your pictures look interesting. Their delicious menu includes the best selling zaatar cookies and more desserts along with a variety of lattes, pasta and sandwiches.

Price: QAR 20 - 50
Location: Lusail Marina
Timing: 8am to 2pm
Contact: +974 74414481


6. Anime Cafe

The theme is obvious from the cafe's name. It is definitely a great stop for any anime lover or kids. Characters from One Piece, Dragon Ball, Studio Ghibli, and Pokemon are their main focus. The drinks, cuisine, and decor are all themed around anime! You have ample time to browse around while waiting on your food. The cuisine is Japanese with an International fusion including a variety of desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Price: QAR 20 - 55
Location: Porto Arabia, Pearl
Timing: 9 am - 10 pm
Contact: +974 66311066


7. Chemist Cafe

With the barista dressed in a lab coat, the decor based on calculations and formulae, this cafe seems like a party-themed science lab. Their menu includes a variety of drinks and desserts with Chemist term names that will most likely help you learn something about chemistry. They offer drinks in beakers and lab flasks, giving the impression that you're in the middle of a chemical class. Although they do not serve savory food, other things on their menu along with atmosphere, quality and presentation have been highly rated by customers.

Price: QAR 18 - 50
Location: Bsquare Mall
Timing: 8 am to 3am
Contact: +974 50340340

8. Rosemary Café

Rosemary Cafe is a lovely pink-themed cafe perfect for special events or just hanging out with friends and family. The cafe is amazingly covered with pink roses, making it an obvious instagrammable location. From a delightful breakfast to a refreshing coffee in the evening among the roses to a gourmet dinner, Rosemary has something to satisfy your taste buds.. They also serve tasty meals with visually appealing concepts as rated by their customers. They also provide catering. 

Price: QAR 20 - 150
Location: Hazm Al Markhiya St.
Timing: 9 am - 11:30 pm
Contact: +974 44650797


9. Evergreen Organics

Are you curious to try vegan food? Evergreen Organics is the first 100% vegan café in the country and a vegan's paradise. Their meals are prepared every morning to ensure freshness,  and leftovers are avoided at all costs. Majority of the fresh and seasonal food is raw as well as gluten-free. Fresh juices, nutrient-dense smoothie bowls, modern savory and sweet foods, and hot beverages are all on the menu. The café's flora ambiance is warm and inviting, and non-vegans will undoubtedly fall in love with vegan cuisine after dining here.

Price: QAR 20 - 70
Location: The Pearl, Mercato - Palazzo 1
Timing: 7 am - 11 pm 
Contact: +974 44720437

Which of these cafe have you already visited? Let us know!


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